Bulletin boards are pretty functional but they're far from cute. Well, usually anyway.

Winecorkboard When I first saw a wine cork corkboard at the Tidewater Motel on Vinalhaven, I thought "Phf! I can make that!"

Wine corkboards are cute, especially in a kitchen entryway area. Ours hangs in the kitchen and holds things like coupons, trash stickers, and other small but frequently used items.

20-40 Corks
Jack and Coke

1. Drink enough wine over the course of a few months to have wine corks to work with. To expedite the process, tell your family and friends you are collecting corks and they can contribute their collections too.

2. Get out supplies, make yourself a Jack and Coke. (Give yourself a break from all that wine you've been drinking!)

3. Line up your corks in the frame in an artistic manner to see how they will fit. You may have to cut a couple of corks in half to make things fit. (Hint: If you don't have enough corks, try cutting them in half to double your supply. Know that this is a pain in the butt so avoid it if at all possible.)

4. Glue the corks in place on the piece of cardboard that comes with the frame. Sip your smooth cola while you work. Let dry overnight.

5. Put cardboard in the frame. Hang in a place that will show off your craftiness and praticality.

Photo from www.wineenthusiast.com.

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