My favorite part about Too Cute Tuesday is when people send me stuff and say ‘You guys should try this!”

My friend Sarah C. sent me this link for Bacon Jam, a Foodista recipe which sounded just ridiculous enough for our group.

Dorrie, Sue, and Amy did the chopping of the chilies, onion, and and garlic while I cooked one of the pounds of bacon. Once the veggies were chopped, we sauteed them in the bacon fat. We dumped it all into a slow cooker, set it on low, and headed to Aqua Zumba. (You know our group, we’ll try anything that won’t kill us… and we had to counteract our future bacon eating.)

I got home and cooked the second pound of bacon (thanks to Dorrie for keeping me company) and added it to the mix. Before going to bed, I shut off the slowcooker and put it in the fridge.

Tomorrow before work, Dorrie is going to bring over her immersion blender to make the whole thing a bit more jam-y. And we’ve decided we should make beer bread next week to go with our new bacon confection.

So if you’re looking for something to serve to make people say “Wha?”, this is it.

Aren’t you crafty, and serving people some crazy stuff the next time they come over!

Too Cute Tuesday


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