Maintaining your website is always something you mean to do but, let’s face it, in terms of problems, it’s easy to fall low on your list or priorities.

Whether your Wordpress or Joomla website needs periodic or regular software and/or content updates, we have you covered.

Why do you want to keep your website up-to-date:

  • Let people know accurate information about your business (hours you are open, products you carry, etc.)
  • Change out elements like front page slides and latest blog posts to keep your site looking fresh
  • Add social and other elements to their website as they are developed
  • Add elements to your website as needed (new forms, photo galleries, etc.)
  • Keep website software up-t0-date to decrease the likelihood of getting hacked
  • Make sure your website is consistent with your other marketing efforts (existing offline promotions, etc.)
  • Keep the search engines indexing your site with regular updates
  • More!

We’ll be adding more to our maintenance offerings like our payment/donation form offering (think of it as ‘website enhancements’) in the near future. For now, here’s what we do:
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