Breaking Even Communications has been providing marketing services to businesses and non-profits since 2008. Back then, we were excited that the internet had leveled the playing field so businesses no longer had to spend huge amounts of money to get in front of their customers.

As the amount of websites and resources increase and become more specialized, we are as excited as ever to work with passionate people with worthwhile goods, services, and missions.

What can online marketing do for you? Plenty, but here are some more concrete ideas:

  • Getting more traffic to your website
  • Increasing online actions on your website (bookings, inquiries, etc.)
  • Getting you more online reviews/visibility
  • Increasing your email subscribers
  • Reaching your target customers at a relatively low cost
  • Being ‘top of mind’ when your customers think of your area of expertise/service

We can help you come up with a plan and execute… because as we’ve noticed ourselves, it’s not only hard to ‘do it all’, it’s not very productive either!

How are some of the ways we help you market? Click on any of the topics below to learn more or simply contact us.

One Time Or Ongoing Help
We are happy to work with you for a set period or ongoing period on the following.

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing


One Time Services
Need help with a specific issue or want to try Breaking Even out? Check out our one-time services related to marketing.

Getting In Good With Google Service

Press Release Service