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Hi, my name is Nicole.

My passion, with my marketing and coworking businesses, is to make sure everyone gets to do what they love in life.

I don’t necessarily think everyone needs to be self employed but there’s something powerful, in particular for women, about being able to earn some of your own money. No scams, promises of riches, or pyramid schemes here, we just help people get the word out and create a bit of online income streams to help them keep going.

My team and I work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States to help them do more online. Maybe you can be next!


Ask Nicole: How do I build links coming into my website without being a sleazeball?

You know links are good for search engine optimization (and they can actually drive traffic to your site too of course) but how do you get links without being gross or trying to ‘fool’ Google? We got you.

Ask Nicole Series: Creating Recurring Revenue Products

Want your customers to pay you on a regular basis? One way to do that is through a recurring revenue products. We’ll talk about some recurring revenue products with some real life examples. And if you want help doing this and live in upstate NY, consider joining our upcoming SBDC working group on this very topic! Learn more or sign up:

Ask Nicole Series: Lead Magnets

Like leads? Attract them with your lead magnet! This is all about what lad magnets even are and some examples of ones I’ve seen in the wild.

Making Stuff Better: Keyword Research

You know you’re supposed to use the keywords on your website… but how do you find good ones? Where do you put them? Here to help!

Ask Nicole: New Year Marketing Goals For Your Business

Yay, looks like 2021 is actually going to happen. What should you think about related to setting marketing goals for your business in 2021? I’ve got some thoughts

Ask Nicole: Your LinkedIn Makeover with Con Sweeney

As you get stuff ready for the new year, how is your LinkedIn profile looking? Social media expert and Anchorspace virtual member Con Sweeney comes in as our first guest to talk about LinkedIn and making your profile work for you.


From running Instagram ads to creating drip email campaigns, we know your online options.


From securing your website to keeping things fresh, leave the maintenance to us while you run your world.


Build capacity within your organization or get the specific one on one help you need. Happy to show you how.

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