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Hi, my name is Nicole.

My passion, with my marketing and coworking businesses, is to make sure everyone gets to do what they love in life.

I don’t necessarily think everyone needs to be self employed but there’s something powerful, in particular for women, about being able to earn some of your own money. No scams, promises of riches, or pyramid schemes here, we just help people get the word out and create a bit of online income streams to help them keep going.

My team and I work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States to help them do more online. Maybe you can be next!


One Month of Dollar Eighty

(Clash of the Social Media Ads Part Two will be posted next week. In summary I too aggressively targeted an audience in a town with 12,000 people so they ads didn't show as much as they could have had a given them a bigger budget or a longer time period to run. Next...

The Clash of the Social Media Ads: Part One (Ecommerce/Online Business)

The most expensive video we’ve made! We’ll be running an experiment: $25 spend to Facebook ads, $25 to Instagram ads, $25 to Pinterest ads, and $25 to Youtube ads targeting as close to the same audiences as possible during the same time period. We’ll do this for a) an ecommerce/online business and b) a local business. (This video will be ecommerce site, part two will be a local business!) Are there a lot of factors involved? Yes. Are they 100% comparable? No. Will spending $200 and having some data make for an interesting two part video series? Probably. Could we have spent the money on something dumber? Absolutely. Join us.

using Pinterest to drive website traffic thumbnail

Using Pinterest To Drive Website Traffic

Is Pinterest still a thing? It certainly is! And we’ve used it not only for cheap ads and to find fun memes but also to drive traffic to websites. We’ll go over some Pinterest tools you can use (for free) to drive traffic to your website.

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Event Management Software: How To Choose

Whether you starting doing events for your business during the pandemic or events have become a part of your revenue more generally, you have no doubt considered software to have you manage it all. Here's a video about what you need to know to pick the best software...

Purple Dot Theory

A little tip for anyone who has to present something to a client #shorts

dollar eighty one week thumbnail

I Did GaryVee’s Dollar Eighty For One Week: Here’s How It Went

GaryVee’s Dollar Eighty program, where you are supposed to put your 2 cents on 90 social media posts a day, is a way to get maximum engagement on Instagram. We did the ‘light’ (re free) version of this for one week, here’s what we liked and learned.


From running Instagram ads to creating drip email campaigns, we know your online options.


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