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Hi, my name is Nicole.

My passion, with my marketing and coworking businesses, is to make sure everyone gets to do what they love in life.

I don’t necessarily think everyone needs to be self employed but there’s something powerful, in particular for women, about being able to earn some of your own money. No scams, promises of riches, or pyramid schemes here, we just help people get the word out and create a bit of online income streams to help them keep going.

My team and I work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States to help them do more online. Maybe you can be next!


Ask Nicole Weekly Livestream: Paths To A Logo

So you want a logo for your business but where do you start? We got you with a few paths you can take (and the pros and cons of them).

This Week’s Episode Of Ask Nicole: Creating Great Social Media Content

If you’ve ever felt blocked about what to post on social media, try this exercise to get 50 (or more) updates and a piece of content to market on your website. Help your customers think about your products/services creatively! #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #content #marketing #contentstrategy #contentmarketing

Reengaging Customers

You might have heard (or experienced yourself) that it’s less expensive to retain a customer then get a new one. So whether you have a new product or service or are just thinking it might be good to reach out, this video has some ideas about how you can re-engage your customers, offline and online.
(Greeting card designs have been uploaded here for amusement and light commercialization:


Weekly Livestream: Branding Guidelines For Your Small Business

Want better results from your people you hire to help you with your business stuff, like graphic designers and interns? Wish your staff was more efficient creating things like flyers and email newsletters? Then branding guidelines are worth making! This broadcast has three approaches; just pick the one that works for you and watch your organizational efficiency and results improve over time.


Why Does My Website Cost What It Costs? (A Bit About Website Builders)

Why does your friend pay $536/year to keep her website online and you pay $175? This video will talk about goes into pricing for different website builders… and how you can pick the best software if you’re going to DIY. Bonus content about what a web designer does and why it’s more expensive to have a custom site built. (See accompanying spreadsheet at if you want to geek out later.)

Cookie Notice and Privacy Policies

Do you need a cookies notice and a privacy policy on your website? What are they and how do you make them happen? This video is a tour of why you might want to get these on your website ASAP!

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