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Hi, my name is Nicole.

My passion, with my marketing and coworking businesses, is to make sure everyone gets to do what they love in life.

I don’t necessarily think everyone needs to be self employed but there’s something powerful, in particular for women, about being able to earn some of your own money. No scams, promises of riches, or pyramid schemes here, we just help people get the word out and create a bit of online income streams to help them keep going.

My team and I work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States to help them do more online. Maybe you can be next!


Cookies And Privacy Policies: What, Why, and How

There are two components to every website that are now essential: a privacy policy and a cookies notice. We’ll talk about what they are, why you need them, and show you examples of how you can implement them on your website.

Five Reasons You’ll Love RSS Feeds

Wonder how your news savvy friends seem to follow hundreds of websites and hold down a job? Wish there was a way to know when a website had ‘something new’ without visiting it constantly? RSS feeds are your friend and we’re gonna geek out on them with guest James Nobles because besides being cool, they are actually quite useful!

Using User Generated Content In Your Marketing

You get that you’re supposed to maintain your social media… but where do endless ideas come from? User generated content can be used to create interesting marketing messages AND save you time in managing social media accounts.

How To Podcast with Zac Miller

Been told your business should have a podcast? Did your eyes start to glaze over when someone started talking about feeds? Join guest Zac Miller who not only is a videographer and media professor but also a podcast producer who gets you don’t have infinite time, money, or nerdy bandwidth for some of his favorite podcast tips and tricks.

Company Retreats For A Very Small Team

Company Retreats For Small Teams: The What, Why, and How We Do It

If you think of singing ‘Kumbaya’ around a campfire or walking across hot coals when you think of company retreats, think again. You can mix business and fun, even if you have a small team by getting everyone together in a ‘room’. This video is about how to hold a company retreat, even if you have a small team.

Additional Resources:
Sample Retreat Agenda
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Why I Hate RFPs (And How I’ll Hate Yours Less)

Request For Proposals (RFPs) are a job hazard for any of us service providers. This is a video of why I hate RFPs and, if you absolutely have to do one or really want to anyway, how to set your new contractor up for success on the internet project.


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