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Hi, my name is Nicole.

My passion, with my marketing and coworking businesses, is to make sure everyone gets to do what they love in life.

I don’t necessarily think everyone needs to be self employed but there’s something powerful, in particular for women, about being able to earn some of your own money. No scams, promises of riches, or pyramid schemes here, we just help people get the word out and create a bit of online income streams to help them keep going.

My team and I work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States to help them do more online. Maybe you can be next!


Nicole Reacts: MLM Marketing Versus Marketing Company Best Practices with Julie Anderson

As an experienced marketer who's had no MLM marketing training, in addition to watching a lot of these MLM trainings for reaction videos, I've heard hints from people I know over the years that MLM people were trained differently. I've always wanted to have a...

Nicole Reacts: Marie Forleo (Selling B School HARD)

I used to be a giant Marie Forleo fan. I am less so now. Her regular Marie TV episodes are kind of short, so I found this meatier Q and A to react to. In short, I think she's at least more intelligent than many of these gurus, but I think B School is way overpriced...

Nicole Reacts: Rise Of The Entrepreneur

In a previous reaction video, Brian Carruthers made all his vault members mass-recruit people to watch an Eric Worre funded 'documentary' called "Rise of the Entrepreneur," saying watching this would make anyone think favorably about network marketing. Let's watch and...

Nicole Reacts: Brittany Dawn (“Fitness Influencer”)

In the most recent hearing in the State of Texas case against Brittany Dawn, a fitness influencer allegedly conned hundreds (or more) into buying custom fitness plans that she did not customize, among other undelivered promises. When her defense said she was typing in...

Nicole Reacts: Brian Carruthers “Million Dollar Training”

Summary: Another imitator of network marketing gurus, Brian has somehow convinced multiple people to pay him $50 a month for a website that looks like I coded it in college and monthly Zoom calls that, if they are anything like this one, are condescending,...

Nicole Reacts: The Ever-Charming Guy Kawasaki

Guy is very charming, and a marketing thought leader. That said, the interviewer was a little meh, and there was a lot of sidetracking, so there was not too much marketing content here, but we learned fun acronyms, and I chuckle a lot in this one. OG video: Like us?...


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