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Hi, my name is Nicole. I love the internet. Well, mostly.

My passion, with my marketing and coworking businesses, is to make sure everyone gets to do what they love in life.

Here’s A Post That Will Help Small Businesses Make Money NOW

Alright, we've all been spending the last week or so (myself included) kind of sitting in the suckage of this. But now, it's time to be resilient, which I get is easier said than done. (As someone paying for 4,000 square feet of empty space, trust me, I have done...

The Advice To Young Creatives I Didn’t Know I Had

Not being a jerkface is always good advice... but I had more specific thoughts. I was approached by a professor from a local university who works with students in the Arts Management department to talk to 25 high school students in a summer program about my shared...

Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Is it a little ridiculous to feel like an imposter... talking about imposter syndrome? My friend Joy, who is a great public speaker, was asked to talk about the topic in front of a business group and called me to talk shop."I don't really feel like an imposter." she...

SEO Guide (For Regular People): 2019 Edition

It seems just about every year, I write one of these posts.  Does search engine optimization change drastically year to year? The spam marketing emails with vague 'your website is not optimized' messages would have you thinking yes. (Note, if you want to stump...

Shove It, Hustle Culture

I have a bone to pick with our internet/side hustle/startup culture. Hustle is not the only thing. It's not even the most important thing. And I am going a step farther to say it's hurting us: as individuals, as companies, and as a society. A couple things that I've...

Freeing Working Hours

All the gurus tell us that time management is key. But trying to get efficient at pointless stuff is a complete waste. I began splitting myself between Maine and New York a few months ago. I have about a nine hour drive I do twice a month, sometimes four times a...


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