So you have a website, now what?

Our whole company was founded when, in 2008, our first client came out of a friend asking Nicole this very question.

Breaking Even Communications has since worked with hundreds of individuals, companies, and non-profits with the very individualized answers that come out of this very simple seeming question. Here’s what we do in three categories:

Marketing: This gets your business in front of current and potential customers and builds relationships online with tools like social media, email newsletters, and blogging.

Maintenance: Keeping your website up-to-date not only means making sure information and website software are current, ensuring customer happiness and hacker unhappiness.

Training: We allow people to be trained one-on-one, in small groups, or in large groups on technology topics.

To learn more, check out our marketing, maintaining or training service pages and meet some of our clients. And here’s a bit about us:

Nicole Ouellette, Owner

Nicole began internet life as a casual blogger in 2005 but soon she was hooked, wanting more and more people to read her blog. Eventually she decided to try to make money from her passion and began helping business owners in Downeast Maine with their blogging in 2008.  Breaking Even Communications went a full time gig in 2009.

Other than being a technology enthusiast, Nicole is a geology major and certified science teacher and is happy to talk about ramp and pluck structures and assymetric boudinage. She also speaks French, is a surprisingly good cook, and enjoys short legged dogs. More about Nicole…

Jane Holland, Community Manager

As a career Hospitality Event Planner, Jane dabbled in various related promotion, publishing and internet activities.

Buying, running and marketing her own B&B/Small Business for 14 years, and her involvement in Bar Harbor Merchants Association has focused this “dabbling.” Over the years she added basic WordPress website maintenance and updating and Social Media applications to her repertoire. More about Jane…

Carla Tanguay, Content Specialist

When Carla was a kid, she wanted to be a writer. This was mostly because she was afraid of running out of books to read. She ended up following a career in her other passion- music.

Carla is a certified music therapist, blogger, grant writer, marketer, and much much more. Her background in therapy helps her listen deeply to client needs and work with them to develop and implement strategies to meet their goals. More about Carla….


Jeffery Oehler, Marketing Specialist

Jeff grew up in Tampa, Florida and graduated from Trinity College of Florida with a bachelors in Theology… and then got really into business development and marketing as a complete accident. More about Jeff…

A Team Approach

Breaking Even Communications doesn’t pretend to know it all. We’re a small firm, how could we?

This is why Breaking Even Communications partners with experts in complimentary services to share ideas and get work done more efficiently. We know database experts, print designers, and even people who can fix computers. If we can’t do it, we  know someone awesome who can, and we are happy to steer you their way.