This business began because Nicole liked to blog. We still blog, know other bloggers, and just wish everyone would blog already! It’s good for your website and your business.

We can create a blog using WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr. We can help you chose what service is best for you; customize your blog’s design; select and install a theme/design you’ll actually like; add features to increase blog functionality and simplify your blogging life.

Here’s some stuff you may like:

  • Have your latest blog entry automatically tweet and post to Facebook
  • Integrate a threaded commenting system?
  • Adding ad spaces to your blog that you can manage
  • Allow people to subscribe to your blog via email (and automatically have your blog email them with new posts)
  • You write you blog and we post it for you. (Uploading images, tagging, interlinking to other posts, etc.)
  • More!

We might know some of your blog-related desires before you even know them yourself).  We can even train you on  your blog software. Wohoo!

We’ll get you up and running, and have you sharing with the world wide web in no time.