Too Cute Tuesday: Homemade Twix Bars

Just when you think you’ve got your crafting planned out, suddenly you see something on Twitter.

Our bars, with the exception of Andrew's really perfect one in the middle there, were a bit less than perfect. But delicious. Sprinkle sea salt on top for artisnal touch.

Our bars, with the exception of Andrew’s really perfect one in the middle there, were a bit less than perfect. But delicious. Sprinkle sea salt on top for artisnal touch.

In my case, ‘homemade Twix bars’ with a link to beautiful snacks made of four delicious ingredients created by a fellow blogger and crafter I follow on Twitter. We had to try them. Full disclosure, her pictures are way better than ours. Here’s a link to the original post.

Once assembled the dipping was a bit messy but definitely fun.

Carmels (I learned from my friend Hope after we did this that today was National Carmel Day– could we be any more accidentally psychic?)
Chocolate (we used semi-sweet chips)
Rold Gold honey wheat pretzels (you’ll see why so specific in a moment)
Cutting board and knife
Plastic bag
Parchment paper
Small saucepan
Fondue forks

Cocktail of the Night: Iced Tea
1.  Cut caramels in half. Squish so you make a little caramel sheet that’s thin.
2.  Line up two pretzels one next to the other, wrapping the caramel on the sides a bit. If your caramel sheet is too big, cut it down.
3. Using Nutella in a plastic bag with a hole cut in the corner, pipe Nutella in the crack created by where the two pretzels meet. Smear.
4. Melt some chocolate (use a microwave if you got it, doing this on the stove is a bit of a pain). Dip using the fondue forks if you are using a deep pan.
5. Place on parchment paper to dry. If you are Jen and impatient, put them in the freezer.

This week, we were joined by Amy, a new TCT participant. We originally became friends on the suggestion of my accountant. Thanks for looking out for my social life, Ron!

We ate our ‘mistakes’ and found that too much caramel wrapped around the pretzel combined with the warm chocolate made things slightly gooey-er than we meant for them to be.

But all taste testers agreed ‘These are so good!’ The pretzel, has a bit of sweet in it and the salt with the caramel, yum. “I think these are even better than regular Twix bars!” Andrew said. And they are, also it helps they are really easy! Thanks for the hookup, Twitter.

Aren’t you crafty, and now slightly covered in chocolate?

Nicole Ouellette
Nicole runs Breaking Even Communications, an internet marketing company in Bar Harbor Maine. When she's not online, she enjoys walking her short dog, cooking with bacon, and trying to be outdoorsy in Acadia National Park.

2 Responses to “Too Cute Tuesday: Homemade Twix Bars

  • Ooh these look good! I’m definitely going to talk Don into making these after Lent. Love to cook can’t bake to save my life.

  • Gorgeous.. and even with the mistakes- they all taste the same. 🙂

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