Too Cute Tuesday: Mosaics

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After a break (a crafting break this summer but also a much longer still-crafting-but-just-not-writing-a-blog-about-it break), Too Cute Tuesday is back. Resulting from missing friendly get togethers and enjoying way too much Pinterest, we began crafting again last week at our usual week day ritual.

Wonder what you can do with one night? Don't try doing this on a large surface is all we have to say. Here's my (Nicole's) final product.

Wonder what you can do with one night? Don’t try doing this on a large surface is all we have to say. Here’s my (Nicole’s) final product.

For those of you who are new, we pick a different craft every week, ideally something we can start and mostly finish in one night. This rules out things like quilts and rug hooking but it allows us to feel like we’ve ‘accomplished’ something by 9 pm while getting to socialize with each other. We do it on a school night because, well, weekends are busy but most people can spare two hours on a random day like Tuesday. On a personal note, my day job is online so I get a lot of satisfaction from having a physical object finished before me.

This week, Sam (or more accurately her cats) broke a mirror. We told her to bring it over and decided to mosaic. Since Sam was working late and I wasn’t sure if the mirror would be around by 7 pm, I thought I’d break a couple old plates for additional material. The construction supplies were donated via Derrick (my boyfriend who happens to be a carpenter) but you can get all these items at a hardware store if you choose. You don’t need much of anything though so see if you can borrow leftovers from someone handy.


  • Broken mirror and/or plates
  • Hammer (if additional breaking is needed) and plastic bags (keeps the pieces from flying everywhere)
  • Silicone caulk (for gluing the pieces in place)
  • Grout (mixed with water to the consistency of ‘peanut butter’)
  • A sponge and bowl of water
  • Something to mosaic- Derrick gave us little trays made from some leftover wood that he made but you could also do this with a bottle, jar, or anything you could cover with pieces of mirror/plate really. Beginners may appreciate a flat surface to work with to start
The group tackles mosaicing. Hope handles the silicone, Sam lays out her pattern, and Nate looks on in interest.

The group tackles mosaicing. Hope handles the silicone, Sam lays out her pattern, and Nate looks on in interest.

1) Smash item to be mosaic-ed. I recommend covering it in a couple layers of plastic bag and taking it outside to beat it with a hammer. Note: we apparently had an earthquake while this happened and we didn’t notice. So fun!

2) Arrange your pieces on the item you are going to mosaic. Figuring out concepts took longer than we thought.

3) Stick the individual pieces to the item with silicone caulk. Other materials work better but this one dries quick, perfect for one night crafting.

4) Mix grout with water. Pour slowly onto item using a sponge to smear grout around evenly. Let dry, ideally overnight.

Cocktail of the Night: Because it’s fall we enjoyed some pumpkin cider that some house guests left me (thanks Phil and G!). While I’m not sure I’d necessarily buy it myself, I will say it was very fall-ish and fitting for the season.

This coming week, we are taking a fancy bar soap and multiplying it (magically) into a gallon of liquid soap. Ahh, the wonders of glycerine. See you then!

Nicole Ouellette
Nicole runs Breaking Even Communications, an internet marketing company in Bar Harbor Maine. When she's not online, she enjoys walking her short dog, cooking with bacon, and trying to be outdoorsy in Acadia National Park.

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