My friend D mentioned a T-shirt Tote would be a good blog topic and a quick Google search helped me stumble upon this fantastic one:

There are variations of course (like keeping the sleeve for interrior pockets) but who doesn't have an old t-shirt or tank top that could use a little repurposing?

Tshirttote-1 T-shirt or tank top (I think ribbing makes the project more classy/finished looking but it's your call)
Sewing machine or needle and thread (old school, but it'll take you way longer)

Cocktail of the Day: Hot brandy toddy (thanks Jen!)

1. If you were silly enough to recently clean out your entire closet, go buy a cheap but nice t-shirt at your favorite used clothing store. (Used/preloved/consignment clothes are not only cheaper but better for the environment, folks!) By the way, if you ever wonder what people do with those souvenir t-shirts you buy them on vacation, I think I now know where they go.

*Super Bonus: Be the first to comment on the man on my found t-shirt and win my awe and admiration and a mention on the next Too Cute Tuesday*

Tshirttote-2 2. Have your sophisticated friend make you a nice cocktail in exchange for dinner. Talk about fair trade!

3. Cut the t-shirt slightly below the design or where the design would be (the further you cut below it, the deeper your bag will be). Turn it inside out and sew the bottom closed. Note from Nicole: If you can't draw a straight line, put in pins to keep you sewing straight. Think of them as a tool, like that guideline paper but for grown-ups!

4. Cut the sleeves (or sew them closed and tuck them for use as pockets). If you do cut the sleeves, turn the shirt inside out again to sew closed).

5. A tank top clearly has built-in straps but you can also cut the crew neck off your t-shirt and use that for straps like I did. Remember anytime you cut, you should finish the edge with some sewing to keep the whole thing from fraying. 

6. Celebrate your wonderfulness!

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