I always get ambitious about knitting but don't often finish my projects. The problem is that I'm not a good enough knitter to have consistent stitches but not a bad enough knitter to not attempt, which results in mediocre projects I never get excited about. So I have balls of yarn but don't want to knit with them.

Tct-scarfknottingn Dorrie found this no-knit scarf courtesy of Martha so we gathered our unused yarn and gave it a shot.

Yarn (Thicker yarn will make the project come out better but you can use two or three strands of thinner yarn together as well.)

Cocktail of the Day: Lemontini (cocktail mix with vodka and water)

1. If you are in the market for good yarn, I hear that Vanna White not only turns the letters at Wheel of Fortune but actually has a line of not ugly yarn. I haven't yet verified this but the rumor is from a reliable source. Alternatively to buying, find two balls of yarn you've been meaning to use forever and head to Craft Central.

Tct-scarfknottingn (4) 2. Cut 12 long lengths of the yarn you'll use. (I did two of my arm spans for easy measurement). Remember with knots that your scarf will end up shorter. The directions recommend making the strands 1 1/2 times longer then you want your finished scarf.

3. Square knot three strands together, leaving about 6 inches of fridge. Do this four times so that with the twelve strands you make four bundles. If you don't know how to do a square knot have a new friend show you how to do it. Feel smart for learning a knot. Eat jambalaya and ice cream as break.

4. Make cocktail since you no longer need to use sharp objects (ie scissors).

5. Now it's the knotting part! Tape down your ends (like you old school people used to do when you made friendship bracelets, or saftey pin if you prefer!) Tie the middle two bunches together in a square knot. Then tie the middle ones to each of the outside ones in square knots. Then go to the middle again. Repeat the pattern. (See the photos if you have no idea what I'm talking about—the green one is Dorrie's and the pink one is mine in case you are curious)

6. At the end cut the fringe on the side you are finishing to match the initial fringe. It may look a little odd in the pictures but as you can see with Sadie, it is really quite cute on!

Tct-scarfknottingn (5)  Aren't you crafty?

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