Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly event that involves a craft, a cocktail, and a friendly get together. Join us each week for a different inexpensive craft. Currently there are TCT chapters in Bar Harbor, Maine and Saint Louis, Missouri. If you want to join in on the fun, check out Facebook or contact Nicole.

What? Does my puppet actually look good? I'm as surprised as you are!

The Saint Louis branch of our club was making sock puppets so we thought it’d be fun to do the same.

And since last week, I processed 30 pounds of organic blueberries, we thought the cocktail should involve them. Tasty antioxidants and a silly craft. Could we have more fun?

Dorrie went a different route and created a dog out of a glove. Whoa.Socks
Sewing kit (needle and thread)
Fuzzy sticks (ie pipe cleaners)

Cocktail of the Night: Blueberry Martini (yay blueberries!)

1. Gather unmatched socks (I guess I could dust with them but, um, I never do that!). Find random art supplies and sewing kit and head to Craft Central.

2. Make blueberry cocktails and catch up. It’s been awhile since we were together!

3. Begin sock puppet.

Note: There are two ways you can do a sock puppet mouth:

  • You can suck the toe part in and sew it in place.
  • You can cut out the toe part and sew a circle on the bottom creating a mouth.
  • Sam did Option 1, Nicole did Option 2 in case you want to see what the different options look like.

4. Sew on the button eyes. If you are Dorrie, make a completely different craft involving a pair of strechy gloves. Discuss life and goings ons.

5. Add fuzzy sticks as hair (optional). Use thread to sew the hair in place.

As if her dog wasn't cute enough, Sam made a fuzzy stick leash so she could walk it.

Here are a few cool end products to inspire you (in case ours haven’t):

Fancy puppets from Danielle’s Place
Muppet-like characters from Down with Clutter

6. Subconsciously start talking to your silly sock puppet. Realize it may be time to stop the blueberry martinis.

Sue was uninspired by her sock for a good part of the evening... And she looks disappointed because, you know, making a gorgeous sock puppet is such a useful life skill.

7. Skype with the Saint Louis club. Know that with the time difference, we may be an hour ahead on the fun but they are an hour in the fun past. Miss Sarah.

Now you have a sock puppet which is so useful, you know, in your daily life if you want to confuse a dog or look crazy. Aren’t you crafty!

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