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I love Too Cute Tuesday because it’s the most memorable part of my blog. Last month at our college friend’s wedding, my old roommate Bailey asked if I had ever heard of Skittles vodka. She sent me the link.

This week, I had a presentation to give at a nighttime meeting. What’s a crafty girl to do when she gets home late and misses the party? Get something fun started for two weeks from now… like the intriguing Skittles vodka.

For those who want more detailed directions or visuals, here’s the original:

vodka (It’s suggested to not go cheap but come on, you’re putting Skittles in it so not the best stuff ever, right?)
plastic bottles
glass containers (for after infusion 2-3 weeks from now)
coffee filters (for after infusion 2-3 weeks from now)

Cocktail of the Night: Anything but a vodka one, you’re saving that stuff!

1. Separate the skittles into flavors and put each color in its own bottle. (They suggest 60 of each color for each eight ounce bottle but there is no need to make that much until you realize you like it!)

2. Pour vodka into bottles. Shake shake shake.

3. Wait several weeks.

After a few weeks, we’ll filter the vodka into glass bottles (the coffee filters keep the grainyness from getting into the final bottles). Ta da!

My blogging friend Jodi also mentioned she had a friend who infused vodka with bacon and it came out delicious. The things you learn on the Too Cute Tuesday Facebook page…

All in all, if you want a laid back craft where all you have to do is count, pour, and wait, this is it. Plus it makes a fun party gift (I mean look at those colors!).

Aren’t you crafty, even if you did work until 9:30 pm?

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