I was having breakfast with one of my Vinalhaven friends this past weekend. She is helping run the non-profit daycare on the island and they have an upcoming art auction. The format is 6″ by 6″ art pieces, anything goes. She made some mention on how they may not have enough art.

Enter Too Cute Tuesday, where we have more artists and creative energy then anyone can shake a stick at (you know, whatever that expression means!). Plus, how hard can it be to cover a 6″ by 6″ piece of board anyway?

Sarah fearlessly weilds an exacto knife and mixes media.

1 large white foamboard ($6 at the craft store for a ginormous board!)
Exacto knife, cutting surface, and ruler
Various creative media: magazines, markers, colored pencils, Modge Podge, embroidery floss…

Cocktail of the Night: Brandy and Cola (still trying to finish up that Kentucky Derby brandy! We’re almost there…)

Sue says she doesn't do well with the free form crafts. We respectfully disagree.

Nicole's piece looks better from far away...maybe the auction people will think one of the daycare kids made it?1. Arrive at Craft Central. Some people make nachos, some people make a cocktail.

2. Put all the creative media on the dining room table. Draw lines making 6″ by 6″ sections on the board. As you are cutting it with the Exacto knife, watch Sarah wince in pain. Hand the Exacto to her since you don’t want to continue making her nervous.

3. When she gets up to check on the nachos, take over cutting and have the rest of the crew remark loudly about your superior and not at all dangerous cutting skills. Yes, you are a bit annoying.

4. Once everyone gets their piece of board, create art. Someone remarks that it is the third week that you are actually good at the craft. Enjoy your ‘winning streak’.

5. Several people feel ambitious enough to make two art pieces. Go team!

6. The next day, put it in a box and ship it towards the good cause. (Let me know if you have some art to contribute, there are still a couple weeks left before the auction!)

Hopefully TCT will help rake in some money for a much needed social service on the V-have! Aren’t we crafty? You know, and socially concious!

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