Spring has sprung here like most everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring and Maine means snowstorms with 6 inches of snow or less, a fine layer of dust on everything, and eventually, if we wait long enough, flowers.

Tct-seedpaper15 This week, we've combined the hassle of papermaking with the springness of seeds. Write a lovely note to your favorite person on one of these papers for a recyclable gift that's also quite timely. This week's idea is from Thrifty Fun (via Dorrie) and this month's Better Homes And Gardens (via Nicole's company breakroom).

Tonight we were joined by Sue, who promises to be a regular. That's right, we've hooked another!

Shredded paper, soaking in water in a bowl
Blender or food processor
Screen, preferably two pieces
A shallow tub of water
*Bill Nye's papermaking kit

  Tct-seedpaper17Cocktail of the day: Monaco (Grenadine syrup, pour beer on top, fruity perfection)

1. Have your good-natured friend shred and soak paper for an entire day. Spread newspaper on your work surface. You will thank yourself later.

2. Put the pulp in a blender or food processor with lots of water. Note: Too much colored paper or newspaper will make your pulp really gray. Just something to think about.

3. Pour the pulp into the shallow tub of water over one of your screens. Lift the screen gently out of the water. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the pulp.

4. Using the other screen on top, push the excess water out of the pulp. Blot with sponge to absorb even more water.

5. Place on newspaper to dry.

6. Turn your non-crafting friend into a virtual papermaking machine. Have her magically come up with our own ideas for upcoming Tuesdays. Realize that seed infused paper is transformational.

7. Cleanup. Find pulp everywhere even after you've cleaned up. Realize that making a mess this part of the fun.

So cute!

*Not necessary but does come with shapes (called dreckles, there is a whole vocabulary that comes with this kit!) that you can shape your paper into.

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