It was a quiet night for Too Cute Tuesday as in it was just me crafting tonight. That said, I still had a great time making tonight’s craft: seashell Christmas lights à la Martha Stewart.

Seashell lights do look pretty but pick a less opaque color if you want the light to actually shine through (beyond the light seeping through the cracks).

Glue gun
Christmas lights
Water and paper towels

Cocktail of the Day: Margaritas

Not hearing the ocean but I am having a Too Cute Tuesday good time!1. Spend an entire morning looking through Christmas lights at four stores. Have everyone at the stores tell you that, despite the fact that they have Christmas decorations out, it is crazy for you to be looking for Christmas lights. (Nicole’s ranty aside: Let me just say, if you have a store, stock white Christmas lights. They are good for weddings, dorm rooms, and other occasions besides Christmas, like Too Cute Tuesday.)

2. Stop by your favorite beach (with permission, of course) and pick up shells. (Check the tide schedule!) The private beach I have access to is overrun with mussel shells, which is why I used them. Note: When you are picking shells, make sure each pair of shells matches up so when you glue them together, they’ll attach seamlessly, or almost.

3. Get home and send a mass email to anyone you know who might have Christmas lights begging them for help.

4. Have a good friend stop by with her spare Christmas lights and singlehandedly save TCT (thanks Sue!).

5. Plug in the hot glue gun and fix yourself a margarita. Yay summer.

6. Wash the mussel shells and dry them off.

7. Use the hot glue to seal the mussel shells around each individual light. Do this all along the strand. There, your own souvenir of summer!

(Note to crafters: Things would have come out a lot more functionally if I would have used white or light colored shells. At this point, not much light is showing through the mussel shells. Oh well, you craft, you learn!)

Aren’t I crafty?

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