For the second week in a row, my craft actually came out reasonably well. How happy am I!

This Too Cute Tuesday started off pretty stressful but it further proved of the power of crafting, good friends, and a bottle of Syrah.

Right before we were scheduled to head to Craft Central, Sadie decided to break out of the apartment while I was in the shower. I realized my mistake after a few quiet moments.

I put on clothes and walked the street with dog treats in my pocket and dripping hair, showing strangers Sadie’s picture. No one had seen her. I returned home after ten minutes and decided to call the police department.

“White and tan dog?”
“Burn on her tail?”
“Well one of the officers tried to pick her up…”

Oh crap. Sadie hates to be picked up. So, Sadie bit a police officer. Fan- freakin-tastic.

I showed up to spring my dog out of doggie jail, where I paid $20 and now have to go to the police station tomorrow to show them documented proof that she doesn’t have rabies.

The weirdest part was the vet read Sadie’s microchip in an attempt to find her owner. My last vet said the chip was disintegrated so they couldn’t read it. Apparently not the case, so I found Sadie’s last official identity.

Sadie’s name was once Brandy and she lived in California. The vet techs said they thought it was odd because she wouldn’t respond to Brandy. Yup, that’s my dog.

After bringing Sadie/Brandy home to contemplate what she did (and closing the door tightly behind me), I returned to Craft Central, compeletly unready for the craft. Luckily, we improvised with the help of Sarah’s picture hanging wire and Jen’s collection of sea glass and years of honing the techniques.

Sam was by far the most proficient of us novices. Knowing what she can do with pliers, I will not ever cross her!

Sea glass or old pottery
Thin wire (we used picture hanging wire but you can also buy special jewelry wire at a craft store in a variety of finishes)
Pliers, the thinner the better
Wire cutters
Glue (optional)

Cocktail of the Night: Red Bicyclette Syrah (horray for Bastille Day!)

1. Pour yourself a glass of red wine. Springing your dog from doggy jail can be a little stressful, as can trying to bend wire into functional shapes.

2. Gather around the table and look at friend Jen’s creations. Get impressed but also inspired.

Jen found an old doll leg and made a creepy looking charm... but even this was well done.

3. Find the right pieces of glass to work with. Layering them produces cool effects. If you can’t find sea glass, try using rocks. Or if you are feeling really dangerous, try rocks and sea glass.

4. Use glue to hold things in place or hold the glass tight while you wrap thin wire around the pieces. Use a longer piece of wire because not only will you be wrapping it around the glass pieces but also will be using it to create a loop where you will hang the charm from a necklace or earring posts.

5. I could explain different wrapping techniques but you’ll figure it out once you start. Really, it’s fun!

So after a couple hours crafting my temper cooled and I was able to laugh at Sadie’s alter ego and her ability to be completely surprising even after knowing her for years. I was also able to appreciate my friends’ abilities to calm me down and make beautiful jewelry in the process.

Aren’t we crafty?

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