When it’s hot outside, it’s hard to want to do much, even on Too Cute Tuesday.

In Maine, temperatures hit 95ish degrees. I know this isn’t hot for you people in warm climates but let’s just say that we chose to live half way between the Equator and North Pole because we like cooler temperatures. Also, some of us don’t have things like air conditioners. All in all, the heat is making people lazy and a little cranky.

Sue acted not so confident with the sewing machine but then she rocked it, you know, because she's Sue.

Since many of us are pet owners, Dorrie found a fun craft where we could recycle our old pet food bags and make ourselves something useful. And, with four steps involved, we were sold on an easy craft that wouldn’t have us sweating too much. Plus Dorrie is the Birthday Girl and as the rule goes, you really ought to listen to the Birthday Girl.

1 large dog or cat food bag
Soap and water
Heavy duty thread
Sewing machine

Cocktail of the Day: Sliced Tea (Nicole’s hybrid of green tea iced tea and lemon vodka… ah, refreshing!)

The results of the pet food bags came out better than Nicole expected. Look at that proud crafter!1. Head to Craft Central and help Dorrie install her air conditioner. Ah, now that’s a much better crafting environment!

2. Skype with Sarah from St. Louis. Once things settle down for her, maybe she’ll want to start a TCT tradition in her new midwest location!

3. Decide to skip the first step of washing out the pet food bag, if only to wait and see if the craft comes out before putting forth the effort. Make a refreshing cooling cocktail.

4. Cut the food bag to the size you want. Cool Sue Tip: If you aren’t jazzed about the label, invert it and you’ll either have a cool metallic looking bag or an earthy brown paper looking bag.

5. Sew a seam with the sewing machine.

6. Use the leftover part of the bag to construct handles (the directions suggest folding in three, sewing along the length).

7. Attach the handles to the bag. Enjoy your new dog entourage (you know, if you still haven’t washed the dog food remenants out of your bag!)

If you want or need more detailed instructions, this is where we got our inspiration.

I was also happy to note that Too Cute Tuesday was my claim to fame at my ten year high school class reunion this weekend. Thanks to Sherry for the lip service; I must have explained the concept to ten different people!

So here’s to all you crafty people out there, and to crafts that involve recycling!

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