This week, Too Cute Tuesday is getting hot. That's right: this week's craft involves an oven! And it involves my very small apartment which means things got toasty.

Tct-recordbowls1 No doubt you have old records lying around from back in the day but if you don't, that's what eBay is for.


Bowls (for shaping)
Oven safe container
Oven mits

1. Have your friends over for dinner and attempt to bake bread as a way to preheat the oven.

Tct-recordbowls1 (2) 2. Realize that you still suck at baking bread but have friends who are too nice to harrass you about it.

3. Put the record on top of the oven safe container. It will take only a few moments for the record to begin to warp (have droopy sides). Oven temp for this: Between 250 and 350 degrees F.

4. Take the record out of the oven and put it in a bowl to shape. Ideally have nesting bowls so you can put the record in one and put a slightly smaller bowl inside the record. Hold the bowls in place while the record cools again.

Tct-recordbowls1 (3) 5. Do this as many times as necessary to get your desired product. Let the record cool into the final shape.

Some ideas for you to make from melted records:
Trays, napkin holders, envelopes, bowls

Watch out not to burn your fingers!

Aren't you crafty?

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Tct-recordbowls1 (4)

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