Too Cute Tuesday (TCT) is a weekly event on the Breaking Even blog that involves friends, crafting, and a cocktail. Every week it’s a different, inexpensive craft to make and a different, fun cocktail to keep things social. If you have an idea for a craft or otherwise want to participate, contact Nicole.

Today, there was a huge snowstorm. Being that I work from home and didn’t have to go anywhere, I just got to hear about it all over the internet. Sure enough, I went to walk to the gym and found almost a foot of snow on my front step.

Most of the Too Cute Tuesday crew went home after work to get off the roads and shovel the snow away from their respective residences. This TCT, I spent some quality time with myself, some special hot chocolate and with an easy project. Ahhh, Nicoleitude…Like solitude, only better.

Solitude? Not so much. I prefer to think of it as Nicoleitude when I craft alone...

Actual crafting time on this is about two minutes, it's waiting for the block of wax to melt that'll take a little longer then the episode of 'Parks and Recreation'.Block of wax
Double boiler
Vessel to put the wax in
Oven mit
Paper clip

Coloring (optional- Don’t use food coloring. Remember, this stuff will get really hot so it’s best to use stuff you know is safe!)

Essential oil (optional- I used lavender since I had some from the time we made bath salts)

Cocktail of the Night: Hot Chocolate and Whiskey, perfect for a winter night in

1. Go to the gym and upon returning home, shovel out to be able to get in your front door. Hey, you just got mucho exercise!

2. Make a ridiculous amount of fried food to dip in mayonnaise. You earned it from the active afternoon!

3. Learn via phone call, text message, and email that the TCT crew has gone to their respective homes to shovel out and hole up in the storm. It’s Nicoleitude time!

4. Fix a whiskey and hot chocolate and hop on Hulu to watch some bad television, for example, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Nicole's interesting but functional double boiler (i.e. not making one container sitting directly on the bottom of the other). Ingenuity is just a small part of TCT.

5. Fix up a double boiler situation to heat the wax. Since you only have one pot, the setup is interesting but functional. Sip hot cocoa with kick and watch television while waiting for the wax to melt.

6. Put wick in the desired final vessel (in this case, an old coffee mug). It helps to weigh it on the bottom with a paper clip or something of that nature.

7. Pour melted wax into container. (Wax will melt in approximately half an hour.) Wow, this is a lot easier then the dip candles we made awhile back!

8. Hold the wick in place with a couple spoons or pens while the wax cools. Continue watching bad television and/or conversing on the phone with friends. You’ve made a candle!

Aren’t you crafty, even in time spent with yourself?

Heads up: Too Cute Tuesday has gotten a lead on some organic blueberries. Nicole had to commit to one 30 pound box and, in the next two weeks, the TCT craft will involve blueberries. Got ideas for what we should do with them? Send them to Nicole!

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