Too Cute Tuesday involves fun friends, a cheap craft, and a cool cocktail. To get involved, check us out on Facebook or contact Nicole.

So there’s this fun hat party I might be going to at the end of the month and I thought that a pom-pom might be just the way to do it without having to buy a new hat. Enter Too Cute Tuesday for my excuse to make it. And since I have a feeling I’m starting a cold, a cocktail with orange juice might be a good idea for me. Let’s craft!

Two round things (one large and one small) or a compass (click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about)

Cocktail of the Night
The Gilbert:
2 shot of vodka, 1 shot of club soda, and orange juice. Add lime if desired.

Dorrie's pom-pom came out well because 1) she used thick yarn and 2) she has much more natural crafting talent than I do.

1. Head to Craft Central with yarn and a vision. Get directions from a kid’s website to ensure they will be super easy to follow. Pour cocktail and find some cardboard, though not necessarily in that order.

My 'donut' in action. I always feel so successful when I can at least follow directions that are written for a third grader.

2. Create two identical but separated cardboard ‘donuts’. Squish them together and wrap yarn around them. Discuss the day’s events. Think the intake of orange juice may be helping the cold you feel coming on.

3. Cut carefully in between the two pieces of cardboard (see Dorrie in the video below). Stick a piece of yarn in between the two pieces of cardboard, wrapping it around the loose yarn. Tie a knot, especially carefully if you are using old yarn.

4. Floof pom pom to make it fuller, trimming as necessary. Be proud that you made up a verb to describe this very specific task. Attach to hat or other object, by sewing (semi-permanently) or safety pin (not so permanent).

5. You’ve now revitalized your winter hat or scarf, so now you can wear it for a least another month before being completely sick of it. No worries though, spring will be on the way shortly! Aren’t you crafty, and floofy?

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