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Here at Too Cute Tuesday, we look for inspiration everywhere. When I saw this on the Readymade website, I thought it looked fun and relatively simple, not to mention gave a way to use not-so-rockin scarves in a second life.

Add some friends, ditch the sewing machine, and you’ve got yourself a fairly relaxing evening… well, until the last step anyway.

Silk scarves (think the old granny kind) or fabric
Plain white fabric
Needle and thread
Washers or pieces of miscellaneous hardware that’ll add weight to your parachute dude/lady

Cocktail of the Night: Modified Dogsled (2 oz. whiskey, 1 tsp grenadine, 1 tbsp. lemon/lime juice mixture, fill with lemonade)

Dan Dan the Lobsterman sews for the second time in his life. Even a star chef/master of the high seas is clueless on attaching the parachute guy/gal to the parachute.

Note: If you want actually detailed, useful directions, check out the original post here.

1. Attempt to print pdf of the instructions only to find your printer needs new cartridges. Try to fool your printer by taking out your existing cartridges and just sticking them back in. Apparently your printer is too smart for this. We’re reading off the screen tonight I guess!

2. Cut out a large circle (this will be your parachute diameter) using a large bowl as your template. Fold in half and place two holes (there will be four holes total when you unfold it). This will be where your parachute attaches to your dude. You’ll see!

3. On plain white fabric, draw your guy/gal and trim about 1/4 inch around him/her. Cut out a piece of fabric the same size and shape. You are essentially making a pincushion so pin the wrong sides together and sew around, leaving a small hole to stuff with Poly-fil. Before you sew your dude/dudette up completely, add a couple washers or screws to give it some weight.

Sue exemplifies 'Ta-da!' by making not one but two parachute people.

4. You need to attach your parachute person to the parachute. This is actually harder than it would seem. “This step is evil.” Couldn’t have put it better, Chef Dan.

Decide at this point to pour some cocktails. Ahhhh. Care much less about how this comes out.

5. Experiment with parachute diameter, string length, and weight in parachute dude/dudette. In Sue’s case in particular, she was able to recycle a scarf a well-meaning relative gave her in addition to creating something inherently cute.

Aren’t you crafty, and nostalgic?

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