It's a rainy Tuesday night here at Craft Central and with my leaving on vacation, we wanted to have a fun, easy, slightly nostalgic craft for tonight. Enter those fond elementary school memories of origami! (Spatial = Nicole is terrible at it, just ask her seventh grade teacher who often had to redo Nicole's folds for her.)

Tct-oragami1 We found some pretty fun possibilities in the origami department (a three-banded armadillo… I mean, is there any other kind?) But we just ended up sticking with the classic crane. Full disclosure: the armadillo instructions were impossible!

origami instructions
hangers and string (if you want to mobile it up)

Cocktail of the day: Twisted Tea, peach flavor

1. Cut your paper so it's a square. It's just the way it's done.
2. Open the TT. It probably won't help your spatial skills but, hey, it's Too Cute Tuesday! We don't take crafting too seriously here!
3. Follow your favorite pattern for crane to gain confidence in your abilities.
Tct-oragami3 4. Get slightly overly confident and attempt the armadillo pattern you find on the website.
5. Get stuck on step five of 39 (!). Search the Internet for a solution to your problem. Find out that every website has the exact same armadillo origami pattern. Laugh at the fact these websites refer to people like you as "nonfolders".
6. Give up and just enjoy the cranes and Chex Mex Nicole's memere* sent, respectively.

If you feel really ambitious you can string a few of these cranes together and make pretty little mobile. I know that my crane is going to float somewhere in my apartment and I will remember this day fondly whenever I look at it. I know, awwww!

Arn't we crafty?

*Memere is the French term of endearment for grandmother.

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