Sam used some cool fabric she got at a yard sale, and now for a few dollars, has yet another method to hold onto Spaz.This week is another special Too Cute Tuesday. Both Sarah and Sue has visiting mothers who joined us in the fun. Kristy, who is Sarah’s replacement at her job, also came and hopefully will be a regular.

Tonight is Sarah’s last Tuesday, but we do hope she’ll Skype with us from Saint Louis! We thought a good note to go out on was a craft that Dorrie and I only did a long time ago, back when Too Cute Tuesday was gradually becoming a group event.

Interface (iron on stuff that makes fabric stiff)
Duct tape
Ribbon (go thick), for strap material (optional, you can also use additional fabric for this)

Cocktail of the Night: Box o White Wine (at $2.67 a quart, it is certainly economical!)

If you need actual directions, here is the original link.

1. Buy the box of wine at the grocery store. Have an exchange with your usual check out guy about being a classy lady. Stop at your local fabric store and buy facing/interface. Drop supplies off at Craft Central.

2. Head home to get the dog and additional supplies. Head to Craft Central and meet Sue and Sarah’s moms. Pour everyone a chilled glass of box wine. Time to get this party started!

3. Cut your fabric into a nice rectangle to work with (your bag will be about 2/5 of the length, you’ll understand in a minute).

4. Cut the Pellon to fit. Iron on the plastic-y side facing the “bad” side of the fabric. You can put the iron directly on this and it won’t burn. Use the steam setting or a damp cloth to really get things set.

4a. (This is where Sue, Sarah, and Kristy helped me figure out the mystery that is my borrowed video camera. I did not want to bother the nice man who lent it to me any further with tech support but I got some good ideas from my super-smart lady friends!)

4b. Have Dorrie’s parents stop by with their new golden retriever puppy. Awww!

It's true; TCT will never be the same without Sarah in Bar Harbor. In typical Sarah fashion, look how she is helping both Sue (left) and Kristy (right) at the same time!

5. Ok, back to it! Create your straps with strips of fabric, braided together strips of fabric, or ribbon.

6. Fold a flap down towards what will be the inside of your bag. This is going to create a little hem. Staple the straps to the flap and reinforce the seam with duct tape. (This whole project will be “sewing” with the staples and duct taping the seams to reinforce.) Measure where you put your handles and do the same on the other side so that the handles match up.

7. Move your project so the inside is facing out. Fold your project in half so the sides of the bag line up. Staple and tape.

8. To make that boxy bottom (so the bag can sit on a surface without tipping over), make a triangle on the bottom corner where your duct taped edges meet (well there will be a triangle on each side). Staple and duct tape. Duct tape the triangle corners flat against the inside of the bag for further support.

9. Turn the bag inside out and realize how super-professional it looks.

10. If you are Kristy and/or a crafty over-achiever, add a sunglasses pocket on the inside. Heck, add lots of pockets!

You’re so crafty!

We’re a Facebook group, if you want to craft with us, or just see lots of extra insider information!

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