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Who doesn’t love it when crafting is part of a larger movement? When Meg (friend and craft enthusiast on Vinalhaven) alerted Too Cute Tuesday of the Morsbag movement (‘socialable guerilla bagging’), we wanted to join in.

Morsbag seeks to empower people to create their own bags in an effort to cut down on use of plastic shopping bags. You make them and give them to people (and yourself if you want).

Fabric (18″ by 4″ sections, 18″ by 20″ sections- 2 of each)
Sewing machine
Iron and ironing board
Tape measure
Straight edge

Click here for the pattern! (a one page, relatively easy to follow .pdf you can print off or pass on)

Cocktail of the Night: Seadog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale (Sorry folks, getting my sewing machine down from the top of my closet was challenge enough for the evening)

1. Gather supplies. Observe that this may take the longest time of anything you are going to do this evening. Print off pdf of instructions. (Sorry environmental folks, easier to pass around the table that way! I’ll write on the back of the paper though, promise.)

Too Cute Tuesday brings crafters of all ages and sewing machine experience levels together. Check out our end products!

2. Pop the top on a cold, Maine brewed beer. You are operating heavy equipment this evening so an uncomplicated cocktail is in order.

3. Heat up iron. While that happens, cut handle fabric (18″ by 4″, 2 sections of it). Fold the fabric as indicated (sort of in half) and then iron in place. (Iron is used instead of pins to create a seam, and I suspect, to make sure your fabric ends up not wrinkled looking.)

4. Sew down the middle of both handles.

5. Cut fabric for body of bag (18″ by 20″ sections). Seriously, the pdf gives super clear directions with diagrams so check it out!

6. Sew. Seam rip as necessary (Dorrie) or simply ignore your mistakes (Nicole).

7. Have cool, reusable bag. Morsbags says you should give it away to pass on the movement, I say keep it if you want to; you certainly worked hard enough on it!

As a cool add-on option, add a pocket, as our young crafter perfectly put it, “for notes and stuff”.

Aren’t you crafty, environmentally friendly, and part of a cool internet movement?

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