Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly series where we drink a lovely cocktail and make a cute craft, usually in an effort to save money and be stylish. I didn't realize what a popular feature this would end up being so I initally didn't link all the TCT posts together. I'm working on that now. In the meantime, you can get most of the list on the "Home Improvement" section. If you craft and cocktail, do email me your ideas and maybe we can work together on a post!

DesksetDesk sets are so pretty and practical but at $30+ apiece, why invest? No doubt you've already repurposed a mug for your pencils or bought some discount supplies at different times when you've needed them (my binders from student teaching, my magazine organizer post Domino subscription, etc.). Your desk accessories are functional but not matching, which is fine. But a couple hours and a can of spray paint later, you can have the look of matching office supplies for the cost of $5. Bonus is you get to feel cool and alternative like a graffiti artist.

Spray paint is such a fast and instant change, it's perfect on those nights where you're kind of tired but still want to do something productive. The cocktail tonight equally reflects my laziness.

Officesuppliesbefore Spray paint (two colors if you want a two toned look (see left) though one can of white, black, or metallic paint will work)- $5 a can
Newspapers (to protect your floor- alternatively you could do it outside on your lawn)
Painters tape (if you want to protect some areas from getting spray painted in achieving your two-toned look)
Office supplies that need a makeover (take off any stickers and make sure the surfaces are otherwise clean and ready for spray paint)

Cocktail: Cheap white wine, with a screw top (even less work!)

1. Stop by your favorite hardware store, say "Hi" to your buddies there, and buy some spray paint. Try one can, it should be enough to do what you want to do intially. If you like the color, you can always get more.

Officesuppliesafter 2. Go home and change into something comfortable that you can get a little paint-y. White wine you can open with a twist is perfect to accompany your painting.

3. Spread newspaper (if applicable) and spread your office supplies on it. Spread them far apart for each other; you want to keep your spray smooth for each item.

4. Shake the spray can and spray each object gently. Keep the spray can moving to keep the finish smooth. Don't worry about getting the paint job finished the first coat. The key with spray paint is multiple thin layers.

5. Let your items dry while sipping wine.

6. Every twenty minutes, feel free to add a coat of paint. Sip. Paint. Sip. Rotate your objects and spray some more until you have a nice even finish.

*7. If you are two-toning your deskware, put painter's tape where you'd like Paint Number 1 to stay. Continue with Paint 2 as you did Paint 1. Is the two toned effect worth it? If you attempt, let me know!

You and spray paint. Now isn't that crafty!

Before photo: Nicole's sad jumble of functional but blah office materials
After photo: Nicole's stuff moves into the future as a cohesive unit, ready to accomplish more and look good doing it!

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