Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly event that involves a craft, a cocktail, and a friendly get together. Join us each week for a different inexpensive craft. Currently there are TCT chapters in Bar Harbor, Maine and Saint Louis, Missouri. If you want to join in on the fun, check out Facebook or contact Nicole.
Mardi Gras always makes me proud to be a French gal. The whole joie de vivre culture, not to mention music, food, and drink, well, it’s a fun time no matter what culture you’re from.
Too Cute Tuesday ends up being on Mardi Gras every year (Fat Tuesday) and this Mardi Gras, we made masks and drank hurricanes in addition to listening to traditional music and eating gumbo beforehand. If you want to follow my whole menu, I modified this gumbo recipe by adding scallops and sausage to it (and omitting less exciting ingredients like celery) and I modified this tarte au sucre recipe to include a bit of vanilla extract. I also made ployes to go with the gumbo, an Acadian tradition. All in all, in addition to a fun craft night with cocktail, there was a meal with dessert and it was all pretty authentically French.
Laissez les bonnes temps rouler!
Jen and I, being goofballs with our final products. but behind those masks is a lot of pride in our work.
Exacto knife
Takeout chopsticks (for mask handles)
Fabric, old costume jewelry, construction paper, ribbon (for decoration)
Glue gun (for hardcore gluing)
Sue could only stay an hour because she had to run an experiment but look at what she managed to make, and how much fun she managed to have. Now that's the spirit!
Cocktail of the Night: Hurricane (invented in New Orleans, here’s where I got the Pat O’Briens cheat recipe)

1.5 oz. light rum
1.5 oz. dark rum
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. fresh lime juice (NOT Rose’s or RealLime)
1/4 cup passion fruit juice, or 1 tablespoon passion fruit syrup
1 tsp. superfine sugar
1 tsp. grenadine
Shake ingredients, serve on ice.
1. Serve happy participants food. I guess I can make good soup after all! Pour hurricanes to go with. Ahhh…

2. Get out the supplies. Using the Exacto knife, create a pattern on a box lid. Remember, go bigger than you think you need since you can always trim. Have your friends draw on where you should cut while you hold the mask up to your face.
3. Using the cut out as a template, create masks for all using left over boxes. Realize you need some upbeat music and put on some upbeat New Orleans style music to go with the crafting.
Photo documented proof of Jen enjoying herself crafting. See? It really is fun!
4. Gather all available materials and decorate. Nicole went with an all sequined theme while Jen used a red fabric with gold accents concept. Sue could only stop by for a bit so hers was minimalist but involved the recycled dangly costume jewelry that Jen brought along. Use hot glue for the heavier pieces and Elmer’s glue or Modge Podge for the lighter stuff.
5. Hot glue a chopstick to the back of the mask to give yourself a holding stick.
6. Decide to add a few more embellishments, including a dangle-y earring at the end of the stick for decorative purposes. Wonder if it’s your good taste talking or the hurricanes.
Jen publicly admitted that she enjoyed herself crafting this evening so for all you other reluctant crafters out there, this might be a good craft for you to try… and so easy!
Aren’t you crafty… and culturally aware! Bon Mardi Gras à tous!

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