Instructions for this fabulous craft come from the book Magic Books and Paper Toys by Esther K. Smith. The book was sent to us by Potter Craft News. Thanks to them!

This Too Cute Tuesday was held in two locations for the first time ever.

Nicole was on the road but Dorrie and Sarah held down the fort in Bar Harbor. This occasion gave the crew a chance to try out Skyping since Sarah will be off to graduate school soon but plans on starting her own Too Cute Tuesday once in Saint Louis.  (Want to craft with us in real time? Join the Facebook page for info!)

Let’s just say they don’t call them ‘magic wallets’ for nothing! 

Dorrie's wallet, made out of a dog biscuit box. Too cute! 

Two pieces of cardboard, cut to be the same size (these will serve as the outside of your wallet)
Four pieces of ribbon all the same size (you can also use thick rubber bands pieces of duct tape)
Tape (preferably double sided) or glue stick (Dorrie used duct tape, Nicole regular scotch tape both with mixed results)

Cocktail of the Day (for Nicole): Barefoot Pinot Grigio

1. Walk down the street from boyfriend’s house and buy rubber bands and scotch tape at the convenience store. Think you are all set for the night. How exciting it will be to Skype into Craft Central from your on the road location!

2. Realize you don’t have a working microphone at your boyfriend’s house to simulcast Too Cute Tuesday. Head to the local store to get one.

3. Reach into your purse for the boyfriend’s apartment keys and realize you don’t have them. Pound on the buzzer, try calling his cell and end up sitting on his stoop. Decide to start a rubber ball made of rubber bands while waiting for him to notice you are gone way too long. Have him eventually let you in when your ‘ball’ is about half an inch thick.

4. Open the Pinot Grigio and Skype into Craft Central.

5. Cut two pieces of cardboard (or cardboard like material) to equal size. Try to make it slightly larger than your credit card.

6. Tape two rubber bands (or ribbons or strips of duct tape) to both pieces of paper. The second set will by taped in a criss cross fashion. If you don’t have the book in from of you, steps 5 and 6 on this website illustrate how the attaching of the straps would work. 

7. “Cover up the magic” with duct tape (like Dorrie) or thick wrapping paper (like Nicole).

8. Put your money (or your favorite cards) in your new wallet. It can also serve as business card holder!

All in all, this was an easy craft that impressed even not so crafty observers. How does the magic wallet work? We may never be sure. But all that matters: Too Cute Tuesday crafters are a crafty bunch!

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