Limoncello couldn’t come at a better time. Lemons were on sale at the grocery store, we’re all trying to soak up that last bit of summer, and, well, who doesn’t like lemons?

Limoncello directions are fairly straight forward. You clean the lemons, zest them, stick the zest in some grain alcohol/water mixture and wait. Finishing it two to three weeks from now will be more involved. We’ll post full directions then (ie when it’s more relevant).

What's zestier? Nicole with lemons or her pink hair via a beauty school student? 'It matches your personality.' the girl said. Hmph.

Of course, zesting eight lemons begs the question: what to do with the rest of it? Let’s make lemon squares!


Limoncello, Part 1 (to be continued in two weeks)
Christy can make lemon squares and dance like Shakira at the same time. That's what we call multitasking talent.Grain alcohol (don’t have a moonshine making friend? Use vodka)
Lemons, 8sih
Lemon zester
Glass containers

Lemon Squares
Juice from lemons above
Powdered Sugar
Regular sugar
Bowl to mix
Pan to bake

Here’s the recipe we used (and yes, it was chosen for its name): The Ridiculously Addictive Lemon Squares Recipe at Noble Pig

Cocktail of the Night: Some cheap Riesling with a creature on it (yup, it was that memorable)

0. Procure grain alcohol legally from a friend who makes it in his basement. Realizes the same friend makes his own biodiesel. Briefly wonder how much mixing of substances goes on. Decide to just be grateful for free stuff.

1. Head to Craft Central.

2. Wash lemons well. Pour wine.

3. Zest lemons while watching bad television. Decide Nicole’s pink streaks don’t look that bad. (Note to reader: if you tell your colorist you want something edgy, you might want to be more specific.)

4. Juice lemons and preheat oven. Make crust for lemon squares. Cut grain alcohol (180 proof, yeehaw) with equal parts water. Add lemon zest. Put in a cool dark place to age for a couple of weeks away from Christy’s new kittens (Doodle and Jane, in case you were curious).

In just two weeks, this will be a yummy lemon flavored drink... at least, we think so.

5. Prepare lemon filling while dancing to Shakira. Marvel at Shakira’s ability to write English songs that make no sense and her ability to perform crazy dance moves without looking stupid.

6. Bake lemon square crust. Watch first part of 90210. Realize it’s ridiculous but much like a bad accident, impossible to look away from. Go check on lemon square crusts.

7. Add filling and bake. Finish 90210 and bottle of wine. Eat lemon squares while still gooey, contemplating how the limoncello will be in a few weeks.

Aren’t we ‘domesticated girls, that’s all he really wants’? Horray for being crafty and Shakira-y at the same time!

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