Top of the evening to you!


Occasionally it's bound to happen that a Too Cute Tuesday craft doesn't quite work as planned. Tonight's craft is further proof that I am not a spatial person. Good thing Dorrie is!

Tct-knottycoasters9 It was just her and I tonight as some our crafters were out of town or celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the more traditional way. But nothing to me says Irish fun like knot crafting, green beer, and green attire!

Glue gun

Cocktail of the Day: Green beer!

1. Cut a piece of clothesline about three feet long to make a coaster and longer to make a trivet. (I suggest starting smaller.)

2. Tie a box knot followed by a panel knot. If you need instructions, check out this page for a box knot and then this video for a panel knot. Regret not having ever joined Boy Scouts.

3. If you are not good at knots, freestyle it or try to get your spatial friend to teach you. Drink green beer and watch the video over and over again attempting to understand. When you don't, begin reinventing your craft as a way to entertain dogs (see video on Facebook).

4. To finish things up, glue gun the ends of the rope so they aren't dangling. Trim excess if applicable.

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