Brokenbasket So yesterday I noticed that one of the seagrass totes that I have kept movies in has been vandalized by one of the animals. No one has fessed up yet but in any case, I've got a slowly unwinding mess on my hands. Ah, the joys of pet ownership.

Duct tape as a substance has always fascinated me. Maybe it's because I'm from a hardware family of maybe it's that it's just so darn useful but I've always liked the stuff. I used to cover my notebooks with it in high school and I always carry a roll of it in my car. So when life gave me a broken storage container, I whipped out the duct tape.

Nicolewithducttape If you do this project, you may not like the old school look of silver duct tape so try out one of the many colors the stuff comes in. I like the cool, industrial feel of the grey stuff myself.


Broken storage containter (could be a basket or even plastic, a smooth surface will mean less coats of tape… I'll explain in a moment)
A roll of duct tape ($5 for a big roll… bargain! The colored tape will run you a little more but a roll of it should be fine for this project)

Mojito (because it is summer and what else are you going to do with all that fresh mint…try this recipe from Cheap Healthy Good. yum!)

Ducttapebinsideview 1. You might as well make a whole pitcher of mojitos for a couple reasons 1) This is a project best done in small steps over a couple of days so if you like to craft and cocktail, you'll drink multiple rounds and 2) even if you have a brown thumb like me, no doubt the mint you planted this summer is growing like crazy. How else are you going to use it all? Making the pitcher of beverage is the hardest part of this craft.

2. Find something to watch like Will and Grace DVDs or listen to like the Satellite Sisters podcast. You will need some outside entertainment for this less-brain-intensive-than-usual craft. Gather crafting supplies and pour a mojito. Take items out of the container you are crafting, if applicable.

3. Cut big strips of duct tape and attach them to the outside of the container. Try to keep lines straight, using the scissors to also trim excess. If you are good at wrapping gifts, channel your abilities for this craft to make defined corners and non-bumpy layers. If you don't have talent, just take your time and overlap strips so no layers on the previous form of your container are showing. If you have a more bumpy material, you will need to go over the area with layers of duct tape two or three times. Sift mojito beverage to stay refreshed.

4. When you begin tiring of this task. Take a break. Return to the task at a later time, adding smooth strips of tape until the outside is covered. If you feel really motivated, do the inside and/or bottom the container. (I only did the inside of the container where most people can see in.) Drink mojitos enough to make you happy but still able to put on a straight line of tape.

5. Continue tweaking your bin until you are satisfied with its looks and water/pet repellent abilities. Say no to flaps or sticky edges.

So for five dollars and some work, you saved yourself from having to trash a perfectly useable storage container and also discourage your animals (if applicable) from messing with your stuff. Aren't you crafty!

Stay tuned next Tuesday for another edition of Too Cute Tuesday for another craft and cocktail. Cheers!

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