Would you believe that in last week's installment of Too Cute Tuesday, I forgot to make a cocktail? I know, amazing huh? So when Dorrie thought we should make kahlua this week, I thought it was perfect!

Tct-kahlua-stir Sam, Emily, and Sarah joined the usual crowd for a craft that turned out to be quite easy. Sure it was $40 of supplies but we all took a jar or two home and there was vodka (and most everything else) to spare. Directions were inspired by this fine blog, Chickens In The Road.


1 handle vodka (depends on how much you want to make, in this case we made a double batch using a 1.75 L bottle)- $25
9 teaspoons vanilla extract (we went pure instead of imitation for $9)
coffee (make six cups)
6 c. sugar
Mason jars or old wine bottles (probably screw cap bottles are best)

Cocktail of the Day: Um, kahlua! Though a bottle of Gnarly Head red wine can be drunk while waiting…

1. Buy handle of vodka at grocery store on your lunch break. Feel slightly ashamed. Later give a ride home to a coworker and feel a need to explain the vodka again. Realize you are probably overrationalizing.

Tct-kahlua-nicole 2. Have cool friends that make you dinner and bring wine and veggies to share.

3. Make six cups of coffee while socializing in the kitchen.

4. Stir coffee and sugar in a large pot and let simmer one hour. Take turns stirring the pot while everyone (including the four dogs present) hang out in the kitchen. Drink wine and talk. Have discussions such as whether we like celery or just eat it because it seems nutritous… among other things.

5. Stir in 6 cups of vodka and 6 tablespoons of vanilla.

6. Pour into mason jars.

7. Once finished, realize you actually want to try it now and not wait for it to age. Pour a glass and pass it around. Heck with needing to age, this stuff is good!

We've already let success go to are heads and are discussing attempting other alcoholic beverages in the future. Aren't we crafty?

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