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After a couple of weird weeks, Too Cute Tuesday is back with friends and fun again.

It’s been stressful all the way around so what better to calm our nervous stomachs than a bit of homemade ginger ale. I believe Sarah at the Too Cute Tuesday group in Saint Louis sent in this idea awhile back. Tomorrow, I’m going to be giving a big presentation at a statewide social media conference so I need all the calming agents I can get!

The recipe we used is on Food Mayhem. Here’s the link.

The raw materials for homemade ginger ale. Ridiculously easy.

The raw materials for homemade ginger ale. Ridiculously easy.


Cheers to a delicious and semi-nutritious cocktail.

Cheers to a delicious and semi-nutritious cocktail.

Fresh ginger
Zester (or even better, a microplane)
Sugar (brown or white)
Lemon juice
Seltzer water

Cocktail of the Night: Since I’m getting up at 4 am, just the ginger ale is fine!

1. Finish presentation just in time for Too Cute Tuesday festivities but still have a desire to do more.

2. Grate ginger and discuss this with Sue. Mix in sugar (about 1 tbsp. ginger to 1/2 tbsp. sugar).

3. While ginger is doing it’s thing for half an hour, go over presentation. Get constructive criticism from Sue and improve presentation. Listening to a nerdy presentation on craft night? Now that’s a good friend!

4. With spoon push juice out of ginger and into a glass. Squeeze 1 lemon of juice into the glass. Fill glass with seltzer. Tada! (Add more sugar to cut the lemon-y taste if you want. Bonus is it does a cool fizzing thing!)

Sue seemed surprised to find this was good. I was just happy it was something easy and tasty. Aren’t we crafty, even when slightly nervous?

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