How do you like them apples? We like them saucy, thanks!

Too Cute Tuesday allows at least one interesting thing to happen to me every week.

I stopped by Annie’s Pride Farmstand in Ellsworth. If you haven’t been, it’s a good stand/general store/bakery and you should totally go to it if you are in Downeast Maine.

Apples are definitely in season and those sweet ones fresh off the trees are perfect for homemade applesauce. So this Tuesday, we sure got cooking!

Annie's Pride Farmstand: Home of great produce and an enthusiastic appreciator of hair color

Fresh apples (sweet ones are ideal)
Brown sugar
Cinnamon (optional)
Knife and cutting board

Cocktail of the Day: Beer (sure, we could have had hard cider but why be predictable?)

Apples softening in a pan...mmmm...1. Stop by farm stand to get fresh apples. Have a deep conversation with the guy running it about your newish (and crazyish) hair color, which he seems to like. Apparently pink streaks imply you are ‘fiesty’. He shows you pictures of himself from last Halloween dressed as Lucille Ball. The guy is not at all creepy, just much more interested in hair color then you’d expect a middle aged Downeast man who runs a farm stand to be. Buy $5 worth of apples and head out.

2. At Craft Central, wash apples. Miss Sue but realize that, since she is allergic to apples, standing in a kitchen with the steam of cooking them may not be the best idea.

3. Cut apples into quarters, leaving out the core. Decide that since you don’t want to peel them, you can just fish out the peels after things get saucy. Or, you know, leave them in if you feel adventurous or like you need extra fiber.

4. Put apples in a pot with a bit of water to soften them up and put the whole show on low heat. While apples get mushy, watch Hulu and drink beer. Ahh, refreshing multi-tasking!

5. Once apples are soft (after approximately one episode of Greek), mash in the pan with your trusty fork. Add brown sugar and stir.

6. Mash with fork some more. Voila, saucy!

7. Put in jars or just eat it. Mmmmm, deliciously crafty!

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