We’re wrapping up our Month Of Giving… To Ourselves here at Too Cute Tuesday. We’ve been taking turns helping our regular crafters with projects around their houses. You know, the kind of thing you’ve been meaning to do but don’t want to tackle alone.

This week, Sue wanted help hanging pictures in her guest room, which I thought sounded like almost nothing until I saw the task at hand.

Have a lot of family photos but are overwhelmed by the process of framing and hanging? Pull a Too Cute Tuesday and involve friends and cocktails...now it's a party!

The bed was covered in pictures… and there were more on the pile on the dresser. We certainly had our work cut out for us!

Sue wanted to hang a ton of pictures of her family but had no idea where to start. Sound familiar? Grab a friend and some Cosmopolitans! (Good choice, Cocktail Consultant Joe, we are classy ladies tonight.)

Photos, printed in various sizes
Picture hanging kit

Cocktail of the Night: Cosmopolitans, 1 oz. triple sec, 1 oz. vodka, 0.5 oz lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice

1. Show up at Craft Central, ready to decorate.

2. Pour cosmopolitan. (Sue is allergic to apples and apple juice so she did a lemon limey substitution.)

3. Walk into a room with a ton of pictures.

Is it crooked or is this just evidence of too much cocktailing?

4. As far as strategy, balance the look of the wall in terms of orientation (vertical or horizontal), frame color, frame material, and size. This way, the mismatchedness seems intentional…not like you did a brown grouping, ran out of frames, and switched.

5. Drink cosmos slowly so as to make sure you are still hanging the pictures straight.

6. Laugh at old pictures of your friend’s husband. Display them prominently.

Picture hanging is a lot easier when you’ve got a friend to help you make sure things look good or, at the very least, to hand you the hammer and tell you that looks perfect right there.

Aren’t you crafty, and now surrounded by happy memories?

Next Week (the final week of the Month of Giving…To Ourselves): Building something out of wood for Nicole’s new house. What is it? Not sure, but I can say it’ll involve a cordless drill. I know, hot.

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