Wait a minute, it’s not Tuesday! Oh, that’s right, we moved TCT to Wednesday this week (Wicked Cute Wednesday) because Sue had visiting relatives. But even the best laid plans sometimes don’t materialize…

Christie and I made hand turkeys that were meant to be togther... until we realized we wanted to keep our respective creations. Oh well, Thanksgiving was never good to turkeys anyway!

Enter a few unrelated family crises among the TCT regulars (Is it me or are the holidays coming?). Christie and I ended up just crafting at my apartment and tabled Sue’s craft for next week. But what craft would we do now that plans had changed?

Looking to our sister group Wicked Cute Wednesday, we decided that hand turkeys would not only be an easy and slightly campy way to go but would also provide us with a random Thanksgiving decoration for next week.

The cocktail is a fun nod to last night’s meteor shower, appropriately called ‘meteor shower’.

Markers or colored pencils
Hard surface

Cocktail of the Day: Meteor shower

Mix 1 part Snapple, 1 part brandy (though we recommend a bit more Snapple if you are brandy-sensitive!)

1. Learn about a possible TCT member family issue late afternoon. Decide to wait until it is closer to craft time to see how things go.

2. While hanging out precrafting, have a different family issue happen to another TCT member. Is this a full moon or something?

3. Decide to have a low key evening and pick up the previously scheduled craft next week.

4. Be inspired by the hand turkeys of Wicked Cute Wednesday. Thanks Saint Louis crafting branch!

5. Take out the craft supplies and cocktail supplies. Listen to Biggie Smalls (Juicy) while creating turkeys and otherwise unwinding from a stressful day. That Christie is quite the interesting old school deejay!

6. Accidentally make a girl and boy turkey each facing each other. Awww!

7. End up with a slightly different than planned but equally good evening at the end of it all.

Aren’t you crafty enough to switch the plans up when the evening calls for it?

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