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Halloween is coming up and it’s time, in the eleventh hour, to plan some last minute costumes. So I invited the Too Cute Tuesday crew for some white wine and some costume planning.

Now traditionally, Halloween costumes are scary but they no longer have to be, at least stateside (the UK, I’ve been told, is still into the more traditional Halloween garb).

You’ll have to wait until Halloween to see actual pictures but I know I am personally relieved to not be running around on Saturday figuring out a costume.

Whatever you need for a costume

Cocktail of the Night: Broadbent Vinho Verde

We drank wine and came up with the following Halloween ideas, many of which you can make for little to no money:

From Jen:
Road- Dress in all black and put a yellow dotted line (like with electrical tape) down the middle of your body. Print out road signs and stick them strategically. Think ‘Curves Ahead’, ‘Do Not Enter’, etc.

From Christie:
Cave woman: Using various animal print fabrics, sew together a tattered dress. Tease out your hair, carry a club and do a little brown makeup (dirt-like) streaking, if so moved.

From Nicole:
Geisha: With silk bathrobe, powder face white and put hair in bun on top of head. Add sandals and clever makeup, if desired.

French Maid:
With short black dress, add white apron. Add small hat (Christie apparently makes a good one), white tutu, fishnets, heels and feather duster. French accent optional.

Looking for more ideas? Readymade has some good costume ideas you can make. Like ‘cereal killer’ and ‘American tourist’!

Aren’t you crafty, and excited for upcoming holidays?

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