This week, Craft Central moved to a different location as Nicole was visiting her ancestral home of Fort Kent, Maine. Nicole’s Mom (also known as Karen) came up with the craft and cocktail and Nicole’s sister (also known as Michelle) was the grommet expert/picture taker for the event.

Nothing like drinking cocktails with your family and completing a houseware project at the same time!

Nicole and Nicole's mom holding up Nicole's mom's successful project. The best thing about moms? They let you hold up a project like you helped when all you did was walk in the room when the photo was taken.

Michelle, like a good teacher, carefully notes the steps and takes photographs for later evaluation.Grommet kit (can be bought for $10 at your local hardware store)€”enough for at least six pillows!)
Fabric (enough to cover pillow plus an inch on all sides for seams)
Thread and needle or sewing machine
Pillow to cover or batting to fill cover

Cocktail of the Day: Appletinis (Horray for Mom’s much better stocked liquor cabinet!)

1. Mom, worried that the craft will not go well, does a dry run with Michelle around 2:30 in the afternoon. After working out a few bugs, she’s ready to go at 5ish. Mom mixes the appletinis.

2. Nicole and Mom commence drinking while Michelle decides to stay ‘sober’ and document the craft.

3. Find pillow forms and material to fit over them (including the sides) with some seam allowance. We used a 16 inch square but know that even if you sew it too tight, you can cram the pillow in there.

4. Pin the fabric five inches in on one side to make a decorative seam. Pin fabic into place and sew straight. (Note: Do not drink the appletini too fast or this may be more difficult then it has to be and your mom will have to help you figure out how you accidentally set the sewing machine on zig-zag stitching!)

Moms (much like the regular TCT crew) help get me unstuck. How did I do that, anyway?

5. Sew a second seam about half an inch away and parallel to the first seam. This increases the durability of your stitch.

6. Cut fabric to desired length (in our case, a total of 43 inches once the seam was sewn). Create a second five inch decorative seam on the other end. Essentially, this is so when you look into the pillow, you see fabric and not the cheesy lining of the fabric.

7. Fold material in half, placing the ‘right side’ halfs against each other. Pin together. Sew an inch in on either side, creating three sewn sides with the open end being where the two five inch seams face each other.

8. Reverse the pillow form. Now you have a three sided sewn pillow with a top pocket. And now you get to play with a hammer!

Some of the final products. Regardez comme c'est beautiful!

9. Go in the garage with your very enthusiastic sister. Following the directions on your grommet kit, create holes at the same places on both sides of the pillow. “Really pound it!” with the hammer, especially if your fabric is thicker.

10. Create ribbons by sewing together (or simply cutting up) pieces of your fabric approximately one inch wide.

11. Put pillow in the ‘pocket’. Thread through grommets and tie.

12. Have your mom be so excited that she makes pillows for her living room. As we’d say in northern Maine: C’est cute, ca!

Aren’t we crafty? (See? It runs in my family!)

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