So this Tuesday, I'm in Las Vegas. I may be walking the Strip right now, I may be lying on the deck of a roof top pool… who knows. It's hard to craft away from home, especially if you've limited yourself to carry on luggage.

I've taken the suggestion of Jodi and finally rounded up Too Cute Tuesday posts, which I started way back in June. Good times go by fast.

All The Too Cute Tuesday Posts Ever

Some greatest hits:

Look out for the Duct Tape Wallet, clearly the most popular Too Cute Tuesday ever.

My proudest crafting attempt can be seen in the making of cheese.

The best cocktail/craft combo was the pom martini/magazine organizer with some help from The Craft Junkie.

The most stylish and easy project is the fashion icon earrings.

And if you do have an idea for a craft, comment or email me and we can collaborate on a post. Because the only thing more fun then Too Cute Tuesday is someone else crafting with me on my craft holy day.

Happy Crafting!

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