This week is a stressful one in my little life and we decided to revert to an easy nostalgic craft for sanity reasons. Be prepared to be transported back to a simpler time when passing notes was cool, when algebra was hard, and when the Friday dance meant you could maybe get your friends to ask your crush to dance with you…while you hid in the bathroom.

Tct-friendbracelet6 I was taught to make friendship bracelets by my cool babysitter and I wanted to compare my technique to the way my friends make their bracelets. So safety pin your string to your jeans for an ultra retro experience!

Embroidery floss
Safety pin

Cocktail of the Day: Red wine, white ale, or soda (depending)

1. Bring over your ginormous bag of embroidery floss. Note that everyone is impressed with your selection. Laugh at one friend who thought floss meant what you got at the dentist's office.

2. Choose your colors. For the proper bracelet length, cut lengths of approximately the length from your elbow to your hand (Sarah found this on the internet smart!). Knot the colors together on one end. Safety pin the knot to the thigh of your jeans.

3. Reminisce about friendship bracelets. Realize there is quite a span of ages in the room but marvel at this common tradition.

Tct-friendbracelet5 4. Now there are two ways to make the friendship bracelet.There is the kind that Sue (ok, and everyone else made) and then there is the kind I made. My kind: you knot and knot and what is created is a cyllindrical bracelet with a delicate line that wraps around the whole thing. I could not find instructions on this anywhere. Sue's was more traditional and there are good step by step instructions here to make it.

5. Drink red wine and eat salmon paté and enjoy that the most reluctant crafter was also the first to show off her creation at the end. Think about how many cool friends you'd make if you could only go back to junior high with your new skills…or not.

Aren't you crafty!

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