Too Cute Tuesdays will be a semi-regular series about cute inexpensive things you can make as gifts for you or others. It's something new here at Breaking Even Inc. so let me know whether I should keep it or can it.

I recieved a thoughtful gift from a friend who somehow found a gift that encompassed two of my loves: cute things and Chinese food.

Fortunateclothespins These little clothespins came in a package and have little Chinese fortunes written on them. A cute hostess gift you can make? I should say so!

Not to disappoint but the fortunes that actually come in fortune cookies are too short and fat for the clothes pin. Therefore, there is a little more prep involved.

You'll Need:
Internet access and a computer
A printer and sheet of paper
1 piece of cardstock
Modge Podge or glue
Scissors (or one of those teeny scrapbook croppers—well worth the $5-10 it will cost you)
Small ruler

Go to a "free font" website like I picked Shanghai but maybe you'll see something better under "Foreign Look". Install the font on your computer. (It may be noted that my computer is about to die so I really have nothing to lose as far as accidentally installing something). Here's a link that tells you how to install the font on your computer, whether you have a Mac or a PC. (You can also use the fonts that came with your computer, though going through them all may make you feel a little insane.)

After you come up with some good fortunes, type them in the font. (One of my personal favorites: Be mischievous and you will never be lonesome.) Measure your clothespins to see what size you should make your little slip of paper. Print your fortunes. Crop them to size.

Glue the fortunes onto a piece of cardstock. This will keep the paper from bubbling. Then glue the cardstock to the clothespin.

You could make these occasion-specific and put them in a cute little fake takout container if you wanted to go all out. They can function as clothespins, chip clips, paper fasteners… You can even put a magnet on the back to make them fridge or file cabinet ready! I know, I'm so crafty… and now you will be too!

Stay tuned for other "I can make that!" moments on Breaking Even, Inc!

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