Today I got some flowers from a wonderful person in an attempt to cheer me up. I had another craft planned for TCT but decided that arranging these flowers may be what I was up for this evening.

Flowersbefore I got them wrapped in paper, beauty pagent style so I needed to style them. Here's what I did.

Bouquet of flowers, from a nice person or from yourself
Vase or vaselike container

Cocktail: Another one of Jen's good red wines, Don Ramon

1. Have your nice coworker put the flowers in water while you have a quick cry in the bathroom.

2. Realize the niceness of the gesture. Realize the flowers in the vase look like a bad haircut but smell lovely.

3. Send thank you email. Get through rest of workday.

Flowersafter 4. Drive home and get a smaller vase ready.

5. Pour a glass of wine. It has been a long day.

6. Take the flowers out of the vase and seperate the flowers from the greenery. Taunt your small dog with the greenery before throwing it out.

7. Cut leaves off the bottom part of the flowers that'll be sticking in the water. The will get moldy and gross so you might as well prevent the problem before it happens.

8. Cut the flower stem short enough to fit in the vase, sticking out by a few inches. Start by cutting a little, because you can always cut more. Place the flowers one by one in the vase. (Tip: Cut and place the bigger flowers first; you can always fit the smaller ones around them)

9. Trim more green if you have to. Trust your stylizing instincts.

10. Enjoy your handiwork and think briefly you've got enough talent to work at a florist.

Photos: Before, the mullet like flowers are short in the front and a party in the back
After, a more polished cut is prettier

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