Christy made a mug tribute to her kitten Doodle. We doubt he's old enough to appreciate it... perhaps when he's older he will be flattered.

The owners at the inn were cleaning out their kitchen when they found 6 beer mugs they never use, and offered them to me.

Yeah, one more piece of glassware in my three cabinet kitchen, right? That’s what I also thought… initially.

But then immediately after, I realized oh what fun we could have at Too Cute Tuesday with our own personalized mugs!

A quick internet search proved that etching is actually relatively easy, you know, if you do it the lazy way!

Check out our Exacto knife situation. It even has it's own briefcase!Materials
Beer mugs (you can also use a mirror or other types of glass like jars)
Etching paste (which you can get at a craft store, $10 for a small bottle that’ll do at least 10 glasses)
Masking tape and Exacto knife (for make your own stencils) or Stencils for the less creative
Running Water

Cocktail of the Night: Cosmopolitans

1. Get to Craft Central with a bag clanging with mugs. Wonder what the people you walked past thought of you.

2. Clean your beer mugs if they aren’t already clean. Since you can’t drink out of them while you are using toxic chemicals on them, make a fancy Cosmo in a different glass.

3. Spend a lot of time creating your design with masking tape and an Exacto knife. We tried other things (scissors, regular knives, pins) and it wasn’t as effective as the Exacto. Note: Doing letters without stencils is a headache, unless of course you decide to just do initials!

4. Once your design is done, make sure it is stuck where you want it on the glass. Make sure there are no air bubbles (places where the etching paste can sneak in and ruin your design!). Using a Q-tip, smear the etching paste where you want your glassware to get cloudy.

Wait 25 minutes and you too could have a pretty result like Sam.6. Wait. The instructions said five minutes but some of the TCT Crew waited over 20 and got some good results. I guess it doesn’t always pay to follow those rules!

7. Rinse off the etching paste with water. Take tape off. And wash before you drink out of it!

This was one of our easier crafts if we do say so ourselves. There has been talk of doing this as Christmas presents from some of the ladies.

So now you too have an option for that glassware you are considering throwing away!

Aren’t we crafty?

For more info on the craft particulars, check out these instructions.

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