When Kelly at Almost Frugal asked if I wanted to participate in a homemade holiday gifts carnival, I said Darn right I do! I am all for homemade holiday gifts besides the typical ones most people think of.

Jenwithmitten Kelly's category is yarn, string, and ribbon which got me to thinking about a Martha Stewart project from a few years ago that is easy, fun, and cheap. Plus it doesn't require much supplies, which is perfect for my current somewhat transient lifestyle.

Now I consider myself a knitter but only of square or rectangle objects. I'd love to be able to make a pair of mittens but I'm lacking in skills. So can I buy a pair of mittens then embroider them with contrasting yarn to make them look homemade? I sure can. (Well, not for anyone who reads this blog but you can try to pull it off.) If it were me, I'd tie the mittens together with a piece of yarn because I think it'll make them seem more authentic. Ok, enough lying. :^)

Since I'm crafting with my friend Jen tonight, a fellow appreciator of wine, we'll drink some lovely red wine she brought home last night: Le Petit Mas. It's kind of nice having a "wife" for awhile! ;^)

Store bought wool or acrylic mittens in a solid color (think they should look homemade)
Yarn in a contrasting color to the mittens
Big needle
White pencil (optional)

Cocktail: Red, red wine….

1. Go to the store and buy your supplies. The mittens don't have to be the prettiest things ever because you are going to make them pretty! Mine happen to be pretty because I bought them at my favorite second hand store (and they came tied together…interesting.) If mittens aren't your thing, try a hat.

2. Pour a nice glass of wine. The wine and mittens will keep you warm as things get cold! In our case, red wine and red mittens match.

3. Pick a design you want to embroider on your mittens. Think something wintery and/or cute like a pine tree or a snowflake. You can also do the initials of the person who you are giving the mittens to. (Google Image search the words "embroidery pattern" and whatever you want and you'll have lots of choices.) You can also free sketch the design with a light pencil to help guide your stitching but that's optional.

4. I did an x like stitch to make my design look a little more knitted but a staight stitch a la Jen looks nice too. Follow a pattern (Jen needs to) or freestyle (Nicole did this and got a little frustrated).

5. Jen advises not to stitch when angry. Of course, being stressed out by an election can make your project come out a little messy.

I think I may have a Too Cute Tuesday convert on my hands. I'll post pictures of my hat when it's done. (Got to have something to do with my nervous hands while the election results roll in!)

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