So both Sarah and I forgot it was Easter this Sunday and had a total other craft planned. Thank goodness Sue remembered and said something to the effect of "Um, what about Easter eggs?" Fabulous!

Tct-easteregg Materials

Eggs (white will take the dye better)
Food coloring or one of those little egg decorating kits (Sarah got it at the grocery store for seventy three cents)
White vinegar
Bowls and spoons
Paper towels
Plastic on the table, if I am crafting with you especially
Thumb tack
Needle (for poking in the egg to break the yolk)
Elastics, stickers, crayons (for decorating purposes)

Cocktail of the Week:
Diet Cola (the generic stuff is fantastic), put in your favorite mixer

Tct-easteregg2 1. Poke a hole in each end of your egg. Use the thumbtack to start it and use a needle to make the hold a little bigger. Note: Do this slowly or you may have some breakage!

2. Blow interior contents of egg into a bowl. Put aside for omelets sometime in the near future.

3. Rinse egg if you have egg guts on the outside.

4. Fill bowls with vinegar, water, and food coloring. We got really excited about putting in the tablets! (see left)

5.Put eggs in the dye. You may want to use spoons to manipulate the egg. If you use your fingers, they will get dyed!

5a. Get fancy with rubber bands, drawing on eggs with crayons, or using stickers. You can also double dip the eggs in different colors to get a blended effect.

6. Let eggs dry. Hang them on your egg tree. (Sue and Sarah have heard of this, I haven't. Have you heard of this?)

Happy Easter, and stay cute!

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