I know that I have this facination with duct tape shared by many people. I covered an unfraying storage container with duct tape a few weeks ago. I've covered other things before. I love the industrialness of duct tape. And then I learned that duct tape came in "flamingo pink". Hmmm…

Finishedducttapewallet A guy I worked with this summer had a rocking duct tape wallet. A coworker offered to pay him $20 for it. Of course, my famous mantra inhereted from my mother is "Pfff! I can make that!" The work day wore on and I completely forgot about the silent challenge to myself.

So today, I was cruising ReadyMade for ideas for my Too Cute Tuesday and found both a craft and cocktail on the site. I refound my duct tape wallet and hard apple cider. I was too lazy to make my own cider so I bought some but here's the recipe if you'd like to make your own.

Cocktail of the Day: Hard Apple Cider. Tis the season so drink that fine nectar!

Duct tape in the color you desire
8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper (thicker is better, you'll see why soon)
velcro strip (approximately 8 inches total, I used two four inch strips)

(Instructions based on those on those on Readymade website but modified slightly for ease of use)

Ducttapewalletstart 1. Cider is yummy. Nothing says fall quite like it!

2. Lay flat the 81/2” x 11” sheet of paper. Measure off an approximate 11” strip of duct tape and attach to the long edge. Do the same with a second strip, overlapping the first by approximately 1/2”. Repeat until both sides of the paper are covered. This is the most labor intensice part of the whole thing so have a few cider swigs to celebrate!

3. To give a clean edge, attach a 10” strip of tape across one of the 8 1/2” edges so that half the tape’s sticky side is visible on top and 1” is visible on each side. Snip and fold in the corner flaps and fold over the horizontal strip. Repeat at the other end.

Velcrostrapsonducttapewalle 4. You just worked hard! Have a few sips of cider. Now fold over the entire sheet, leaving 2” at the top to create the closure flap.

5. Close the sides with some duct tape folded over. (Keeping the duct tape lined up keeps the project looking classy!)

6. Add the velco strips to the flap part of the wallet to hold things closed.

Extra credit: Use this same method to make a little pocket on the inside to hold cards.

So give this easy and cheap (under $5) craft a shot or, if you'd like a different design, check out ReadyMade or do a little web search for duct tape wallets. Aren't you crafty?

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