If you've been reading this blog from way back when I started Too Cute Tuesday, you'll remember that at one point I was a solitary crafter. Now, however, Too Cute Tuesday has grown into a bit of a phenomenon. We were joined by new crafters John and Mike.

Tct-dtw4 Dorrie had asked if I'd mind doing duct tape wallets again and I figured it might be a totally different experience with a group of people involved in the craft. It sure was!

Duct tape (there are lots of available colors!)
Sheet of paper

Cocktail of the Day: White wine or Coke and Crown Royal… or both

1. Using the sheet of paper as your guide, cover the front and back of it with duct tape. Decide to start cocktailing early as a good excuse for your duct tape lines not being straight.

Tct-dtw9 2. If you're good at following directions, follow these for a man's wallet or these for women's clutch. If you aren't, freestyle it. Using the dimensions of money and credit cards as your guides, create places in your wallet to put money and credit cards. Try a bifold bifold like John or Peter's more traditional style or Sarah's multicolored approach. Use Velcro to close your wallet or create a clever tying situation like Sarah did.

3. As you tape, eat snacks and discuss such diverse topics as twitter and eye surgery. Decide to become Facebook friends with your new crafting friends.

I do like these group craft nights much better than my solitary pursuits. Hope you do too!

*You don't really need instructions but they're kind of nice to have on the table in case you get stuck, aren't they?


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