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April is my favorite month. National Poetry Month, my birthday, and Earth Day all happen. Also my world gets less muddy outside and I can start wearing sandals.

This month we salute Mother Earth with environmentally related crafts. This week, we made our own shaving cream, inspired by a combination of eHow and Planet Green. Chef Dan showed us and made hot lemonade to spice things up. Yay Tuesday!

1/4 bar of soap (2 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch)
1/2 c. water
double boiler situation
1 tbsp. glycerin (It naturally comes in liquid form… which I didn’t know before this evening)
a few drops essential oil (optional- we used lime)

Cocktail of the Night
Hot Lemonade: Combine juice from one large lemon, 1-2 oz. maple syrup, 1 tbsp granulated or brown sugar, 1 oz dark rum. Fill with hot water.

Chef Dan shakes things up. If you have a hot kitchen, might as well make a warm cocktail!

1. Read article in Planet Green about melting glycerin and adding oil to create shaving cream. Think it’s easy.

2. Go to your local hippie-dippy store to pick up glycerin. Realize you can only find liquid glycerin. Hmmm.

3. Return home and research. Learn on eHow that you need solid soap base to add to liquid glycerin if you want solid soap since glycerin at room temperature (at least the pure stuff) is supposed to be in liquid form. Decide to use a bit of bar soap you have in your shower as your base but decide to forgo eHow’s suggestion of protective body suit, goggles, and oven mitts.

4. Create double boiler and add water and soap. (Hint that I didn’t take: Cut it in pieces so it will melt quicker.) Chef Dan arrives at Craft Central just in time to create a cocktail.

5. Relax and wait for melting. Rejoice when it finally happens.

6. Add glycerin and essential oil. Pour in mug to cool overnight.

To use the shaving cream, just use a moist brush and rub to create a lather. Or so we’re told!

I always think the melt and pour crafts are going to be easy but sometimes, even these things surprise the unprepared crafter. But as long as you have good entertainment, you should be all set!

Aren’t you environmentally friendly, clean shaven, and crafty?

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