On the Too Cute Tuesday agenda for awhile has been candles and since molds cost money, we opted to dip as an economical alternative.

“This is fun!” Sue said. Well, that certainly is the point!

Nicole often gets excited about things that melt because she gets to be science-y again.

Wax (we used cheap wax because beeswax was really expensive!)
Double boiler situation (in our case a pan and large mason jar)
Scent (optional)
Coloring (optional)
Newspaper (to keep things clean)

Cost for craft: $7-$14 (I bought two pounds of wax and way too much wick)

Cocktail of the Day: Red wine, in our case Lulu B. Pinot Noir

0. Briefly contemplate buying 25 pounds of wax at $1.60 a pound at the craft store if only to make your fellow crafters laugh. Realize that then you’d be stuck with 20 pounds of wax in a 220 square foot apartment. Opt to buy the more expensive but easier to navigate 1 pound blocks.

1. Arrive at Craft Central and set up the double boiler, which is really a large pan with water in it with a smaller pan sitting in it. Put the wax in the mason jar to be melted by the water and put the temperature on medium.

2. Chat and drink red wine while waiting for the wax to melt. Warning: This may take up to 45 minutes.

3. Keep wax heated to medium high heat. If it gets too hot, you’ll keep dipping your wick only to find the wax is not accumulating on it.

4. Cut lengths of wick and dip. Let cool. Dip again. Let cool. This will take a long, freaking time, so choose who you will craft with on this accordingly. Make fun of each other’s crooked candles.

The dipping may take awhile but with the right crowd, you'll have a good time.

5. Hang your candle somewhere cool to fully solidify (you can clip it to a clothesline for example).

Aren’t you crafty?

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