How cute is this? I mean really. Plus it's based on a historical British poster idea of Be Calm and Carry On. That's right, it's multiple levels of cool.This Tuesday we aren’t having our usual Too Cute Tuesday gathering. It was bound to happen sometime but everyone is either celebrating a birthday or working or out of town. I thought I would instead share a craft I did earlier this week. TCT resumes next week with tie dye, as requested by Christy, today’s birthday girl.

I shared a really neato image my friend Andrew found on the Too Cute Tuesday Facebook page.

Besides being cool looking and basically summarizing the TCT philosophy, the image has a creative commons license, meaning it can be reproduced so long as it’s not sold and is attributed to the creator. Fair enough! I just appreciate that there are people out there creating cool things for people to freely enjoy.

Can you just copy someone else’s work? Sure, but then you’ll feel kind of sleazy. Plus the image might not be high resolution enough to be useful. See, cheating doesn’t pay!

Instead, use the search function on the Creative Commons website and everything that pops up means you are good to go! I just did a search on ‘squirrel photo’ just to be silly and there were a ridiculous amount of options.


Even a creative commons search for the mundane will give you tons to work with, legally even!

Creative Commons image, in my case Get Excited and Make Things by Matt Jones
Frame (in my case $3 for an 11″ by 14″ frame at Mardens)
Photo card or portable USB drive
Your favorite photo processor (I paid $4 for an 8″ by 14″ print)
Hammer and nail

1. Download a high resolution version of the image in question. Save it on your photo card or memory stick.

2. Take your almost thirty year old scooter and head into town to get your print made. All errands are more fun on a scooter!

3. Bring it home and place in frame. If you got the frame at Mardens, make sure to wash it, it’s a little dirty.

4. Hang it up. I personally like a good photo cluster myself. If all the frames are the same color, it’s kind of like you did it all on purpose.

Yes you too could have something cool to put on your wall and impress your visitors.

5. Get a compliment on your cool poster from a cute boy. Tell him all about it (creative commons, British history, your internet skillz) and get more cool points. See, you create things with meaning!

Aren’t you crafty, and legal?

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